Fiat Scudo 2 2.0 JTD 130 2013 - The low pressure fuel pump does not work.

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    The pump in the tank does not turn on after turning the key.

    I cannot connect it for a short time, because there is no connector from the BSM to the Tank, except for the fuel sensor connector. Pulling out a full fuel tank doesn't smile.

    Will someone tell me which socket and which BSM pin is connected to the pump? Possibly a diagram, I looked in google but did not find it.

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    first, do diagnostics on 90%, it's not the pump's fault, I would look for a computer in the plug, fuse box
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    I think so too, the car has 80,000 kilometers, so the pump is not. I even have a Lexia but I rarely used a Citroen Jumpy from 2005 - it didn't break down. I don't know if my software will communicate with the 2013 Scudo.

    The simplest diagnostics that comes to mind is measuring the pump supply voltage directly on the BSM pin or connecting the pump outside the BSM.

    Could a damaged sensor in the fuel filter cover cause this symptom?
    Should the pump not turn on for a while?

    I visually checked all sockets and plugs coming to and from the BSM during sleep, etc.
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    and the engine ecu plugs? , I do not remember if the damaged sensor disconnects the pump, but I know that it will not light without it, replace the entire filter with the housing, around PLN 250, from what I remember
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    Well, you know wrong, because without it (disconnected) it ignites :( , of course, as has fuel.

    I found out that in older models after 2007. there could be no low pressure pump, the difference was in the priming bulb, as in old PSA diesels.

    Tomorrow morning I'm pulling out the tank :( .
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    You have a plug on the front of the tank. Look for. From a float and a fuel pump.
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    There is only a 2 pin connector from the sensor, it looks like there is actually no pump in the tank.

    Until the knock, the car worked, I did not pay attention to the sound of the pump, I have been driving it for only 3 months.

    A clogged dragon? Some kind of check valve, pump on the engine?
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    fest wrote:

    The car worked until the knock

    I understand that the car does not start? Fault history?
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    I do not know how you want to fix it if you have no idea, connecting to the tester, check the fuel pressure on the rail, reading coffee grounds, it's a waste of time.
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    People, I thank you very much for your help but.

    Will the connection to the tester be a reading of coffee grounds as I can see what is happening in the fuel supply lines? Do I need to take measurements when connecting to the tester?

    There is no fuel pressure behind the filter, it is too low, it's as bright as the sun.

    The history of the fault is that there is air in these hoses, the car fires, sometimes it is hard, the car is driving, sometimes there is an error - the reason is that there is air in the fuel supply.

    From you, because you are more experienced, I would like to know if there is a pump in the tank, where there is a fuel supply check valve, in the pump on the engine, or in the pump on the tank, if there is a pump in the tank, what connector in BSM is responsible for that perform the measurement, or supply it from the outside.

    Is anyone able to answer these simple questions? I'm really asking you.

    And for your attention to the green concept, thank you very much, I read the threads on the electrode every now and then and every other is about the green concept and that your computer will show everything. Well, he will not show, the tester will not show, because he will not say, replace the check valve, replace the pump, check the wires, etc., etc. errors do not necessarily suggest a defect, unless you have dug such cars with a specific fault at least a few.
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    connect the TESTER, because it may turn out that for some specific reason there is no pressure. Maybe the ECU doesn't want the pump to run?
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    At the moment it is like this:

    There is no pump in the tank.

    The check valve is in the pear and let it go. The pear replaced, the buried power cables under the hood were corrected, ours or rather the Italians were here, generally a butcher somehow, because the bundles above the starter are intertwined with oil lines, and a loose oil dipstick tube :( .

    Every few tens of seconds, a large air bubble, I tied up everything without a filter to the bubble with filtered fuel from the overflow and it was ok. the quick coupler was in poor condition. I changed it and for about 15 minutes I had a ban on my face because there was no gram of air after venting.

    Unfortunately, after these 15 minutes at idle, I have a large bubble again every few dozen seconds.

    At the weekend I will take out the tank, look at the dragon and the connectors on the tank, it is possible that there is something wrong there, the car is definitely from the rental company, maybe someone poured some shit into the tank.
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    Hello, I have a similar problem. Did you deal with the fault?
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    fest wrote:
    Unfortunately, after these 15 minutes at idle, I have a large bubble again every few dozen seconds

    You will always have some air bubbles. If you have a single air bubble during the start-up in the morning, the car will start without any problems. Worse, if you have a dry fuel pipe, then you have to look for the cause of air in the system. And yes, take it easy, you will still have time to do something with the car
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    I replaced the lid - the one with fuel filter stubs. It helped, maybe it had some crack.