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Antenna installation in a single-family house

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    I warmly welcome.

    As antennas are not my strongest point, I decided to put this topic here.

    I am at the stage of laying the electrical / antenna installation in my building.
    The general assumption is that 3 antennas are to be mounted on the roof:
    1. satellite
    2. Normal to Terrestrial Tv
    3. FM for the home theater radio

    The signal has to be divided into 3 rooms: a living room and 2 children's rooms. I drew a diagram of such an antenna installation for which I have a few questions. The plan is as follows. Three antennas are mounted on the seatpost on the roof and I take 3 antenna cables to the attic and enter the plastic switchboard with them. There is an adder, a switch and a splitter in the switchboard. And from the switchboard I use 3 wires to go to 3 different rooms.
    Antenna installation in a single-family house

    1. Does it make sense to install 3 antennas or can it be easier?
    2. Does such an installation have any right to exist?
    3. If all 3 TV sets use the satellite or terrestrial antenna signal at the same time, will it result in a decrease in signal quality?
    4. Will any of the antennas need additional power? If so, where (between what and what to give them)?
    5. Do antenna cables lose their properties over time and need to be replaced?
    6. Should I put them on the wall directly under the plaster or should I furrow them and put them in a conduit?
    7. Are all the antenna cables [marked in black in the picture] the 75 Ohm antenna cables?
    8. Are these cables divided into better and worse quality? Which cable is the best to buy?
    9. Are the devices [links below] properly selected for the installation I have planned?

    Links are devices to be used:
    TOTAL -
    CABLE -
    SOCKET -
    3.1.18. Do not send links that will cease to be active after some time. This will make the discussion meaningless.

    Due to the fact that I am green in the subject of antennas and I am doing it for the first time, all suggestions (also critical) are welcome.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    You did not write in this section, your topic should be here -> https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/forum287.html

    Besides, you do everything based on the multiswitch. You mount the crossover on the mast, connect the FM and DVB-T antenna to it, and fly from the crossover to the multswitch with a concentrator. You are buying an LNB quattro converter for the satellite dish. From him 4 cables to the multswitch. From the multiswitch you distribute the signal to all terminal sockets in the rooms. The sat / dvb-t / fm signal goes through one coax to the end socket in the room.

    Buy coaxial cable in polyethylene (PE) insulation, the so-called black because the white one will fall apart after a few years. Such a white concentration on the outside is a bungling.
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    The conventer is mounted in the "catch" of the satellite antenna, from it there are 4 cables for the mulitis switch.
    The FM and regular antennas are connected to the crossovers and the multiswitch is also connected with a single cable from the crossover.
    So from the roof from all antennas a total of 5 coaxes descend to the multiswitch. And all of these five should be released with the cable in the PE sheathing, and from the multiswitch with an ordinary white one directly under the plaster [without a conduit]. I put the multiswitch in a plastic switching station.
    The multiswitch is powered from the socket. And with the switch, we run to individual rooms.
    And then in each room we have all 3 SAT / TV / FM signals from the socket.

    Everything is correct?
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    Well done, you learn fast. So you have to do as you wrote. Remember the converter is supposed to be quattro, not quad. Quad is like 4 single converters in one housing. Quad is not suitable for a multiswitch.

    When the DVB-T antenna is active, it requires a power supply, some mutliswitches can power such an antenna. As the antenna is passive and there is a good dvb-t signal, nothing is needed.

    Terminal sockets in rooms are to be terminal sockets. Because they are still cruising. You don't buy them, keep that in mind because it's important.

    If the house has GSW, all these concentrations (their screen / braid) should be covered with equalizing connections.
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    I will just suggest that digital and nc decoders need two antenna cables to be able to record one program while watching another.