Connecting the TSGM1 timer

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    Hello colleagues
    Please explain how to connect the TSGM1 timer. It's about powering a regular LED bulb. Below is the link to the instructions. As I understand it, I connect the L phase power cable to L, and the neutral to N. How to fasten terminals 1 and 2, because I don't get it out of the instructions? Thanks for the answer.

    Manual: http://www.simet.com.pl/pl/manager-plikow/mpc1d-instrukcja-6276pdf
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    "L" and "N" are for powering the programmer only.
    "1" and "2" are the switch contacts in the programmer (independent of the programmer power supply).
    Connect like a regular switch.
    You can bridge "L" from "1" and "2" to the bulb (as phased). Bridge the other wire to "N" (as neutral).
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    You must make a bridge from "L" to "1".
    From the "2" terminal the wire to the bulb.
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    Thank you colleagues, I saw it this way too, but I could not refer it to the diagram in the manual and finally got stupid. So I'm starting to shoot. Thank you.