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Renault scenic 1.9 dci - Candle light burning, lack of power, mostly uphill

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    Hello, I have Renault scenic 1.9 dci 2002 for some time now the glow plug indicator starts lighting up but only uphill. I replaced the turbine pressure valve EGR was cleaned about 8,000 thousand km and oil changed 9,000,000 km ago. I will add that when I push the gas to the top, a bit of black smoke comes out of the pipe and when I'm at a standstill, it often waves with a turnover between 600 and 1000 revolutions. Is the turbine ending its life I have 203 thousand miles.
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    It looks like the injection is pouring.
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    patron116 wrote:
    egr was cleaned about 8,000 thousand km and oil was changed 9,000 thousand km ago

    Egr, did you clean 8 million kilometers ago? There is no oil that can withstand 9 million kilometers. The abbreviation of thousand is thousand
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    sorry for the mistake with these thousands, I wanted to add some 1.2 l of oil.
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    check egr and westgate to control the turbine
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    Remove the EGR, clean, install and do not connect the plug.