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Vacuum cleaner for the home

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    I am looking for a vacuum cleaner washing into a 2-room flat. I have 2 beds and 2 rugs .... and a 2-year-old child. They do not correlate well with each other to the disadvantage of the former. We planned to order a corner washing service (quite large, about 3x2m), cost about PLN 200. If you add the cost of washing the second bed and rugs and possibly car upholstery, it is already very interesting amount.
    I began to inquire and learned about the existence of home vacuum cleaners. On all forums, people generally advise against hackneyed household appliances (samsung etc.), and usually recommend Karchery - how much truth and sense do I know
    I decided to buy such a vacuum cleaner. In general, his task will be to wash the above elements, later their periodic refreshment and periodically a loan in the family. As these vacuum cleaners have the option of mounting the bag and working like a 'normal vacuum cleaner', it will probably be used every day
    While browsing offers, Karcher has 2 models, which parameters are similar to each other - SE 4001 and SE 5.100. There are no comparisons on the internet, can anyone advise you? What is the difference between these two modes in practical home use, which is better to choose? It is worth to add up to SE 5.100 about 270 PLN? Or maybe look around for a vacuum cleaner of another company?
    Generally, I would like to spend a maximum of 1200 on a vacuum cleaner, preferably on OleOle (installments 0%)

    And also a side question for users of washing vacuum cleaners. Is it any sense to buy them? Whether leisure, carpets, car upholstery that do not have any major stains and damage; can it really be restored to a new look? Is it expensive to use the original chemistry in practice? It goes off for a long time with, for example, a 2-seater sofa? And does such a vacuum cleaner, despite its larger dimensions and decibels, work in everyday dry vacuuming instead of a normal vacuum cleaner?
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    I bought one:
    Generally it works with me (2 small children + cat + beds - an explosive mix).
    No less, I see that some people have a problem with the website, the question is this
    actually the fault of the site or users. I do not know that, and I would not like to find out
    on your own skin.
    Such as this vacuum cleaner is worth considering if only due to the water filter (it was
    the main reason for buying this model in my case). I can wash it for me
    just a nice addition. Unfortunately, I have no comparison with other vacuum cleaners
    so as to the quality, I will not speak.
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    I had a lot of water, now I use aquawelta. Aquarius is much harder to clean - after buying aquawelta I was pleasantly surprised. I do not use power control because lower power levels are suitable for vacuuming books at most. Both of these vacuum cleaners are much louder than ordinary ones, so you have to take a correction in everyday use. A flaw of aquawelta that I noticed are spraying nozzles. But maybe it's influenced by the fact that I use washing powder and maybe it does not dissolve completely. Besides, I can speak in both superlatives of both. When it comes to chemistry, I use only the powder of a carrot. The dependence that I noticed is that the more the agent is less foaming and the less it smells, the more effective it is.
    Regarding the Karcher vacuum cleaner, which I used twice, I got the impression that it is not intended for everyday home use. Big, heavy. expensive. Perhaps now there are some other models - I do not know. I did not notice any significant differences in the washing performance alone.
    As for the Samsung brand mentioned, I do not have experience in vacuum cleaners. But I know one thing: I will never buy anything from this brand in my life. I got offended due to many devices damaged just after the warranty and with problematic and expensive repair.
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    Hmm, will anyone say who used Karcher's home vacuum cleaners?

    I was in the company's salon yesterday, I talked to the seller a little - but it's obvious that traders are not interested in my needs only from their top-down targets.

    The seller asked about the differences between SE 4001 and SE 5.100 said that the first one does not recommend because he breaks down, at the end adding that they still do not have it on offer. The difference is PLN 300, so I'm constantly wondering what they are different, and unfortunately there are few articles / reviews on this topic. Cheaper Karcher costs about the same as Zelmer.
    Apparently, Karcher washing powder or any other company is not suitable for use in these vacuum cleaners even though they come out more favorably than ready liquids. He explained that the powder can not be perfectly dissolved even in warm water, and its insoluble particles can clog up the washer nozzle and damage the pump
    And the strangest thing that he repeated several times - these are not vacuum cleaners, only vacuum cleaners with the function of washing. I would like to do everyday sacking and occasional washing once every 2 months. He advised against lending it to even the closest family, which would use it as little as possible because it would spoil it. Well, I do not plan to wash it every day, but if it has such features, it's probably to use them. From this is a guarantee, from what I see when registering on the website of the manufacturer, the purchase - extended free of charge up to 3 years

    A man can be fooled by reading reviews on the internet. Perhaps the employees of this company and competition add value to the prices. The most common cons are mentioned in the case of 5.100
    - noisy work - I do not agree with that, not much louder than the ordinary bezerwek vacuum cleaner that I am currently using. Besides, in my opinion, the higher the suction power, the louder it must be
    - rigid pipe - here maybe in part yes, it is not as flexible as in normal vacuum cleaners, but it must be remembered that there is a hose clip attached to which we spray the surface
    -the conquest - and gucio the truth. I could not turn him over. Flooding it with water is known, you can not swing, but it's more about not a dump, and mixing clean water with dirty
    -price. 4001 costs as much as zelmers, 5,100 PLN 300 more, ie about 1000

    Generally, I insisted on Karcher and I would rather not convince another producer. If anyone could direct me to the differences in their 2 models, I would be grateful

    I will answer myself for myself, possibly for the posterity
    I've searched a bit, mainly for YT. Generally, the parameters, thrust, spray etc. are identical. However, they differ diametrically in terms of construction
    - 5.100 has a hose for spraying water, somehow built into the vacuum cleaner pipe, while 4001 has to be set up by fitting the hose to the pipe with special clips
    - speed of retooling of the vacuum cleaners from the washing function to dry vacuuming and vice versa. in 5.100, 2 'bowls' are placed in a bucket, one with clean water, the other with dirty water. In 4001 the dirty water bucket is the entire housing of the vacuum cleaner, so to convert it after washing it dry, you need to clean and dry the entire housing; the clean water tank is attached to the side of the housing, it is removable
    - (not fully confirmed, the translator of subtitles from Ukrainian to PL works like that) in 4001 there is a cylindrical filter, which is reportedly often gets wet by its location, in 5,100 reportedly this problem has been solved
    I still do not know if she is alonethe speed of retooling the vacuum cleaner is worth the PLN 270 surcharge
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    I made a purchase about 3 weeks ago. The choice fell on Karcher SE 5.100. I bought separately 10kg Karcher RM760 powder, car wash cap and vacuum cleaner. Since that time, I have been washing down every 1 rest and 1 car, except that I use the everyday vacuum cleaner as a 'normal' home vacuum cleaner

    - The vacuum cleaner is quite large, you need to find some more space for it
    - There is no loud, normal operating noise of the vacuum cleaner
    -Excreases the carpet much better than my previous Zelmer
    - You can easily use Karcher's washing powder, you'll find the seller on the spot to make money on liquids that are much less efficient
    - The power of suctioning liquids is around. Several times in a row pranaed relaxation in the afternoon on a warm day, the next day was dry.

    I personally disturb 2 things in it, but these are crap:
    - no reel on the cord
    - a long "remodeling" time from wet to dry vacuuming into the bag. The point is that after washing you have to empty the containers with water, rinse the whole with clean water, clean the main bucket and the top cover - there will always be some water getting there. To do this, wash the suction hose from the inside. Dry the whole thing so that the bag does not get wet. Time-consuming, if we want to for example, wash the seats upholstered quickly, and then clean the house with a sack.
    Generally, I recommend if someone will face a similar dilemma as me

    Before and after with only powder, no stain removers, upholstery brushes, etc.

    Vacuum cleaner for the home
    Vacuum cleaner for the home
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    Hello hi. I also intend to buy such a vacuum cleaner. Are you still happy with it? Karcher is a good company, but what is on the nameplate? Made in China or Germany?

    Added after 7 [minutes]:

    Oh, where did you buy it? At allegrosz or in the shop?
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    Yes, nothing happens to him - but I bought it for home use, so it's not tortured. If I had one more choice, I would buy the same model.

    According to the rating plate, mine is Romanian production

    I bought it for oleole, I needed 10 installments 0%, rrso 0%. Accessories and powder after allegro where cheaper
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    Thanks. I will probably do a similar purchase ..
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    I do not intend to defend Zelmer 919 (Aquawelt) because I have no interest in it. However, I am surprised by the defects described by my predecessor. I do not remember how many years already there is a vacuum cleaner in the family (but certainly about 4-5) and none of the damage has occurred. Yes, I replaced the engine, but this one was damaged due to inaccurate service (flooded and bearing damn hit). And as for drawing hard floors, I recommend brushes with soft bristles for parquet - sometimes they are available, but you can also buy dedicated or universal ones.
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    Well, now you confused me. All in all a bit discouraged me made in Romania on a plate. So, to be more inclined to Zelmer?
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    klobukos wrote:
    Yes, nothing happens to him - but I bought it for home use, so it's not tortured. If I had one more choice, I would buy the same model.

    According to the rating plate, mine is Romanian production

    I bought it for oleole, I needed 10 installments 0%, rrso 0%. Accessories and powder after allegro where cheaper

    After more than a year of use, do you still confirm that nothing happens to him?
    I specifically ask for the use of RM 760 powder.
    Today I learned that the combination of "karcher carpet RM760" with "Karcher washing vacuum" is deadly for the pump. It sounds a bit peculiar but the service refuses warranty repairs. The manual says that you should only use RM 519 liquid and that is argumena for refusing to be repaired.

    I bought a SE 5.100 some time ago. Until then, I was using Chemspec Formula 90 powder. I was trying to RM 760 but today's news has discouraged me a bit.
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    A bit late but I'll answer. So far, I've used it for washing maybe 20 times. 2 times the manufacturer's website exchanged a flexible tube for me. According to me, this is a construction defect, the hose that feeds the water to the nozzle at the exit from the vacuum cleaner pipe is too long, after attaching it to the vacuum cleaner body, it breaks down

    The second case is RM760. Fact in the manual says that you should only use RM519 (a lot more expensive). I used powder as a novelty. I admit my mistake - after washing I should rinse the system with clean water which I did not do. And the trail hit the pump. The authorized central service refused to repair the warranty claiming that they would know if I used powder. I sent to the central service, there they exchanged a pump and told me to stop using powder ...
    Also, caution - after the powder pass from a liter of clean hot water to the toilet
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    Thanks for the answer. Maybe someone will be useful for the future. I will also be careful about what I use for washing with Karcher 5.100. From the information gathered so far, Chemspec Formula 90 is safe as a rinse. It's a fine powder that easily dissolves. In combination with prior use of prespray, miracles can be said to work.
    Sometime there may be an opportunity to compare Formula 90 and RM519 with no prior help from prespray.
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    And how do you use the equipment after a few years? Do you use powders or just liquids? Any new thoughts, advice? I am mainly planning to buy sporadic upholstery rugs (home use) and only this Karcher model seems sensible to me. Do you advise something more?
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    In my case I use formula 90 all the time. I did not use the whole packaging. So far nothing bad is happening with the vacuum cleaner.
    Of the disadvantages of this model, it is probably worth warning about subversive. The hose is so positioned that a slightly stronger jerk can cause the tipper. Mine hasn't broken since, but it's better to keep that in mind.
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    The Karcher SE 5.100 is also quite good. By the way, which carpet chemicals do you recommend?
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    Someone has a comparison of Zelmer Aquarius vs. Karcher SE 4000/5000? How about the suction efficiency of the liquid from the carpet / upholstery? From the specifications I know that the Aquarius has a power of 1500W and 35kPa, and the Karchery 1400W and 21kPa, is there a difference in the suction power and the efficiency of suction? Is it worth replacing Aquarius with Karcher? As far as I know, the SE 4000 is an old model, and the SE 5000 is a new, "improved" compared to its predecessor.
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    The SE 5100 is recommendable. I use it myself and it's OK