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Ford Focus MK2 / 1.6 16V / 2005 - Does not spin the starter, flashes immo,

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    Hello, I have Ford Focus MK2 from 2005 with the engine 1.4 16V Gas / Gas.

    After buying a car (two months ago) I decided to get rid of the sediment from the engine, someone was washing it and it was a sludge residue after chemistry, i.e. it was probably badly broke.

    I washed ARKA and an ordinary prankster as if I was rinsing flowers, after doing everything I took a leaf blower and drained all the places where the water stood / was. Or where it could be. I took care of the blackwell, I squeezed out all the hoses cover, etc ...

    - Mission accomplished, I drove the same day 50km from and home and at low speed after driving 25km he struggled but at higher revs it was ok and sometimes also at low speed was all right. I went to work after two days and came back today, I put the car, cooled a little and pulled out the pipes from the W / N cables and unscrewed the coil and unscrewed from the ankle, from the ankle on the aluminum tubes I also unscrewed because it was white "something" I wiped and connected back. I stuffed the paper towel with smoking pipes, pulled them out, and put everything in a "pile". I unhooked the cubes from the gasoline injectors, but they were dry of one "some" paprocha I pulled out. I connected everything back yet I unpinned from probe 1 and 2 of the ankle and in them it was also a white "something" I wiped, I made the connection in the place where it was earlier. I also unhooked the ankle behind the left-hand engine (two bolts) and was dry and connected back.

    I do not know what tempted me but I went to the fuse box and unplugged the wide cube "the one with the lock and the wajch±" I also pulled out one fuse 10A but I connected everything back as it was. Those cubes that did not want to unbutton, I "murdered" them but did not want to give up and gave up (about 15-20 cables on the right under the air filter) a large white cube. The alternator also did not want to go down and the throttle also. I did everything on the unfortunately connected battery - because I was stupid and I did not disconnect it. I got into the car when I dried everything and suprajs but on the km counter I saw "-" dashes, lines or how it was called, the control light was on! " an exclamation point and a diode between the refrigerant fluid and the fuel status flashed several times per second After trying to turn the ignition key, nothing happened and the next time the ignition key was turned back, the starting position was blocked. I would add that always with the ignition you could hear a "squeak" on the right side as if under the storage or storage and now you do not hear it and you can not hear the fuel pump probably. The rpm and speed instructions vibrate for 1-3 seconds and they go to 0 fading from ESP, ABS, and so much nothing happens. Neither starts or turns the starter.

    I am asking for some advice or diagram, what would be possible to check or something because I do not know myself anymore. I checked all fuses with a meter and they are "whole". I do not know how with relays etc. because I do not have to check it too much and I am afraid that I will not be able to buy anything more. The man wanted it well and went out as usual ....

    I downloaded the klu from aku + i - and nothing for 5 - 20 minutes completely changed. I have two keys, one service and one with a remote control.

    I am adding photos of the box with fuses under the hood and photo of high-resolution clocks so you can bluntly enlarge. And I'm not sure about the correct insertion of a fuse above the 10 A fuse line from the bottom - the second row from the bottom.

    Ford Focus MK2 / 1.6 16V / 2005 - Does not spin the starter, flashes immo, Ford Focus MK2 / 1.6 16V / 2005 - Does not spin the starter, flashes immo,
    Ford Focus MK2 / 1.6 16V / 2005 - Does not spin the starter, flashes immo,
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    Hello. Here you can not read the schematics, go back to the beginning of your work on the cubes, check if they are all attached and if at the pinch any of the pins in your ankles did not bend. And the white ointment you mentioned was a lubricant that pins did not sift .
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    check the thin cable on the starter, maybe it does not connect

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  • VAG group specialist
    There is no communication between the meter and the engine control unit.
    Have you checked the fuses?
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    ZimnySobi wrote:
    I checked all fuses with a meter and they are "whole".
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    Here everything flies after CAN, for the beginning computer diagnosis.
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    Write me yet which fuses you checked, because you probably forgot about those in the GEM module. Anyway, as a colleague wrote above, do the diagnostics.
  • Moderator of Cars
    Insert the 10A fuse in the marked place
    Ford Focus MK2 / 1.6 16V / 2005 - Does not spin the starter, flashes immo,
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    The problem was the mass consumed and / or the weak mass because on the relay in the lower part (the first from the bottom) there was + and there was no mass. It is funny for me that the computer does not pull the mass from another element but takes it from a different place than from the fuse box. It turned out that my activities were broken by rusty cables and that was the problem. A new mass made of these cables and a summer car ... Thank you all for your interest and direction ;)
  • VAG group specialist
    Saving wires. If the mass was to be taken from the clamp on the battery every time, you would have more expensive car and more wires in it.
    There are several mass points in the car from which the mass is "taken". The fuse box is the place to split the positive and not the negative pole, it also takes the mass from one of the mass points in the car that the manufacturer established.
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    Hello, which mass objects have you renewed? Where are they located?