Notifications about connecting Samsung Galaxy J3 docking station

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    Hello. I have a problem with the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. From the morning I get popped notifications that a docking station is connected, although I do not have anything like that, the screen turns colorful and the phone constantly makes a sound. Sometimes everything stops, and sometimes the only remedy is to reset the phone, because it completely does not respond to any other movement. What can it do and how to turn it off?
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    Hi, I have the same problem with this station and with the colors plus the sound on the phone, have you solved the problem, if so how, greetings Slawek
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    The USB port on the phone is most likely damaged.
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    Hey, I also have this problem only without color ... I just need to restart my phone. And it appears most often how to connect headphones on the blender ... will it also be a socket failure in the usb?
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    Samsung J3 2016 - the phone is two years old and is in good condition, in perfect condition without any breakdowns.

    Today I encountered the same problem but without changing the screen colors.
    It was done without restarting the phone, it was enough to swipe from the top of the screen, expand the top menu and delete this message.

    I know what the reason was in my phone.
    I went to the market by bike, 1.2 km, and there started to drizzle a little rain and I had a phone in my shirt pocket, charging socket up.
    Before I got home, the phone was sprinkled with rain for 5 - 7 minutes.
    At home, I put it on the table and after a few minutes these hece started with a pop-up message on the status bar and repeated every few seconds. a tune never heard before.

    I think that raindrops crashing around the charging socket or even in it, moistened the dust inside the socket and there was - I can't call it professionally - some short circuit, puncture, connection of appropriate contacts that caused this message about connecting the docking station.

    I have always protected the phone against rain and this time I gave up and immediately there is an effect.

    Notifications about connecting Samsung Galaxy J3 docking station

    Notifications about connecting Samsung Galaxy J3 docking station
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    I had the same problem - strange sounds that repeated every few seconds and a notification about the docking station connection. Fortunately, this was prevented. It was enough to put the end of the charger into the phone a few times and after a few times, the phone suddenly stopped and everything came back to normal.