Laguna III 2008 2.0PB - Connection, replacement of the booster pump

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    Hello, the problem concerns the car as in the subject.
    The car is after a light bump, as a result of which the power steering pump was damaged. A used pump has been installed, but it is not working. Has anyone discussed this topic and suggested if the pump should be adapted to the car in some way?
    Maybe someone has a wiring diagram for the Lagoon III booster pump, as per the topic.
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    maybe the pump removed from the car after the cullet - then you need to unblock it with the tester.
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    The support works, but very weak, the wheel turns hard when the car is stationary. When the car is moving, it is quite good. There are no errors in the power steering driver, only Vin disagrees, I do not know if this may have any effect, but rather not, since it does not throw any faults.
    Do all these symptoms indicate damage to the pump you are using?
    I will ask, maybe someone has information about what fluid support is to be flooded into this system
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    The pump replaced with another one used and the same. Flooded with Febi 06161 oil according to the catalog corresponding replacement.
    It was connected to the clip, there are no errors in the pump electronics, or errors related to the pump in other controllers, only in drugs Vin doesn't agree, maybe some mechanical damage after a breakage? How to diagnose it
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    maybe the gear was hit too?
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    bolekf2 wrote:
    It was connected to the clip, there are no errors in the pump electronics

    How do you spin the steering wheel, what is your pump's power consumption when previewing on Clip?
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    When turning the steering wheel, the power consumption increased, now I can't remember exactly, but if I remember correctly from 1-2A to 20, I can't remember if the values were exactly that. In any case, the clip registered that the power consumption increased a lot when turning the steering wheel
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    Replaced maglow and still the same, as you think, the problem may be in the adaptation of the pump to the car, if there are no errors in the controller?
    To add it according to the procedure to the car, including the change of Vin, you must do it for Virgin, because Clip does not release programming. Can anyone do that?
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    You can try to configure the pump automatically - Clip. Generally, the electrohydraulic assistance in the LIII is a bit heavier than the hydraulic one.
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    In some versions of Lagoon III, the steering wheel turns hard, the feeling of weak support.
    This type has it :D