Toyota / Auris (1) /1.4 D4D - How to distinguish piezo injection and electromagn

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    Hello, I am going to buy a car as in the subject.
    From the opinions I have found, it is one of the few diesels that is relatively durable and devoid of emergency components
    such as a dual-mass wheel, diesel particulate filter or complex injection system.
    At least it was supposed to be like that as long as it was enough to meet the EURO4 standard, because in newer versions meeting EURO5
    DPF and piezo injectors have just been added.
    The problem is that I am aiming for 2007/2008 and then there was a transition from Bosch injections / no DPF to the version with injections
    piezo (no one writes what company) + DPF.
    Could someone help me with photos of injections and this FAP and instruct me how to distinguish one version from another.
    I took a picture of the injections in Aurisa from 2009, so I assume that what you can see are piezo injections ....

    Toyota / Auris (1) /1.4 D4D - How to distinguish piezo injection and electromagn
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    Hello. Yes, in the photo there is a piezo injection in this engine. renault02..54.jpg Download (41.43 kB)Points: 1 for user
    Piezoelectric injector works well in the Bosch Common Rail system - Delphi, Denso, Siemens work similarly

    The injector consists of the following components:

    - piezoelectric actuator,
    - hydraulic transducer,
    - control valve,
    - an atomizer.
    During the construction of the piezoelectric injector, special attention was paid to increasing the stiffness of the set of adjusters, which consists of a piezoelectric actuator, a hydraulic transducer and a control valve. Another design feature of the piezoelectric injector is the absence of mechanical forces that could act on the sprayer needle, as is the case with electromagnetic injectors that have a pressure pin. As a result, the moving masses and friction decreased, and at the same time the stability of the piezoelectric injector itself increased. The implementation of small time intervals between injections was also ensured, which allows for the implementation of up to five injections per one engine operation cycle when shaping the fuel dose. The hydraulic coupling of the control valve with the spray needle allows for an immediate, direct reaction of the needle to actuating the actuator. The delay between the electric start of switching on and the hydraulic response of the sprayer needle is only 150 us, which also allows the requirements for the response time of the sprayer needle to be met and to maintain the repeatability of the injected fuel doses. Piezoelectric injector in its construction does not contain places of direct leakage from the high pressure system to the low pressure, which causes that the hydraulic efficiency of the entire system is higher.

    And the electromagnetic injection looks like this. wtrysk_ele...456444.jpg Download (39.46 kB)Points: 0.5 for user