Toyota Avensis 2010 2.0 Diesel - DENSO Piezo Injection System Not Starting, P1604 & P062D Errors

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    Toyota Avensis 2010 patient. 2.0 diesel, DENSO injection system (piezo injection)
    Malfunction: turns does not start.
    P1604 - start control, incorrect operation
    Sometimes there is an error p062D- injector - current circuit A
    The injectors have been replaced and it still does not smoke. The pressure on the bar is there, the speed can be seen, immo OK,
    The question here is how to fire it? :D
    Thanks for the facts.

    Added after 1 [minutes]:

    By the way, I unpin all plugs from injections and no reaction - 0 errors
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    Maybe the capacitor in the computer is dead
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    will not see the injections because of it?
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    Ie. how does it not see injections? If there is a signal to the driver on pin B43 while turning the starter, it is most likely the engine driver to be replaced. The error from the injector will be related to the fault of the engine controller itself.
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    Problem solved. The injection made a short circuit (no errors), and secondly, the DPF was completely clogged. subject to close.