Unlocking the NC + WD5000AVDS disk

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    Hello !
    I have a WD5000AVDS drive
    From the PVR BOX HD decoder.
    And the matter looks like this ... The decoder is my property, I got it from my brother-in-law who broke the contract and paid for it.
    Not so long ago and the decoder was left, so I decided to take out the disk and connect to the computer ... And here the stairs start because the ATA has a hard disk that I do not know .... and you must enter them before the systems boot. I tried to run the drive in the decoder to unlock it then without disconnecting the power I connected it to the computer and it worked.
    I even formatted it :) however, after disconnecting the power supply and connecting directly to the computer, the password returns. Anyone have any idea how to take them off?
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    I can not check because I only have SATA inputs on the motherboard. I have a disk adapter, but unfortunately I can not use it.
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    You do not need an adapter. You need a computer (preferably a desktop one) with the ability to switch in the BIOS of the SATA controller mode from AHCI to IDE / Compatibility. Checked by me on the Asus P5Q.
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    Well, how is it? And "SATA0 Compatible Mode" is what?

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    If I'm not mistaken this option sata compatible mode give enabled.
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    Ok, and maybe you already have Zu.exe applications from win 98 so that I can record and boot with it right away

    And in the program only the zu.exe command - is it all?
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    But it may not work. I have the same drive, mine did not unlock correctly.
    On one computer in turn, the process went as though it was correct, but the disk is not fully unlocked.
    The system loses it after some time when it is used as a regular disk.
    It comes with any USB port, which he probably did not do before.

    I used to read somewhere that these disks from newer series have cut down firmware and so far there is no success using them as ordinary hdd np system.
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    But I will try after all :) and I can ask for a package with the program :) ?

    And as for the SATA0 Compatible Mode option
    There is only an Auto or Disabled option
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    You can easily unblock the drive with the MHDD program, you do not need to know the password.
    Download the description and there is how to remove the blockade