Pace PVR 500 - enigma2 installation

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    Hello, could someone explain to me step by step how to install enigme on a Pace PVR 500 decoder?
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    Is the decoder already converted? (replaced processor and memory)
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    The decoder is original so I understand that you need to replace the components? I thought it could be just installed like windows on a pc, hehe, ok, I just want to buy a converted decoder than I would like to play thanks to
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    Hello, I refresh the topic of the post and repeat the question how to install enigme in hds 7241 pace or possibly return to software 159.
    Please don't write that it's not worth it because we won't get anything this way.
    We know that:
    We replace the processor and memory, but for what and which memory for what?

    Added after 50 [minutes]:

    Found on dvhk sitting there:
    - STi7105 processor
    - DDR memory: 256 MB (800 MHz)
    - Flash: 32 MB