DeWalt DCB105 charger plate EADP-84EP

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    Hello. The charger (type as in the topic) does not work. I checked the smd elements around the converter on the primary side and the / g markings are ok. Secondary side semiconductors also ok. The converter does not work, does not heat up, supply voltage is approx. 13v. Elko on the gretz bridge is charged and holds the voltage for quite a long time, although it should discharge after some time after disconnecting the power supply.
    I analyzed the transformer from the primary side, there are three windings, there is a transition between 1 and 2 and a gap in the third. I do not know if this is the output of the split primary winding and there is a break or it is a screen winding. DeWalt DCB105 charger plate EADP-84EP
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    Has it been repaired? I have the same problem.
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    Hello, I will stick to the topic. I have such a charger and by nibbling this white glue I damaged the zener diode. If someone has such a board, I would be grateful for giving the voltage value of this diode. This diode is marked ZD 31 and is soldered to one leg of the SMD Q31 transistor and the IC32 optocoupler, and it is located next to the C4 capacitor in a heat-shrinkable sleeve and C36, near the 230V input and the fuse.