Citroen C5 - Pinout of the hydraulic suspension pump

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    marcin_70 wrote:
    can you start the suspension pump on the table ... Does anyone have a connection diagram for this pump?

    Do you want to check the pump motor itself?
    You are dealing with the "Hydroactive 3+" hydraulic system
    Citroen C5 - Pinout of the hydraulic suspension pump
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    Yes, I would like to start the pump motor itself ..
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    I will also join the topic of how to start the pump in order not to burn the pump at my own request and to check if it is running for a short time. Where to connect what?
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    The pump motor has no direct power supply - it is controlled by electronics:

    Citroen C5 - Pinout of the hydraulic suspension pump
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    Maybe you can tell me otherwise, this is a picture taken from YouTube of the user "I'll be doing" under the title "Citroen suspension pump why does it burn the fuse?" check as soon as possible without undressing or working? The methodology by short-term commissioning without fear of burning.
    Well, I think I've exhausted the question. Mine is unresponsive and I wanted to plug in a direct plug and check it. I don't know if the YouTube link goes here so I preferred to write it.

    I wanted to add, today I checked the fuses, they are operational, the largest ones are also under the hood, they are even lower and also functional. So there was a rear and front sensor and the pump. The front sensor is 51 kOhm 1-2 pin and the 1-3 pin is 400 kOhm as if what.