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How to check if someone has connected another device to the Smart TV?

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    Good morning :)

    A few days ago, my LG Smart TV did quite a strange thing by itself. I am trying to figure out what happened and as possible. While watching a movie (a laptop was connected to the TV via HDMI and an image was streaming from it), the YouTube application suddenly started (the one built into the TV, the laptop continued to display the movie in the old way) and after a while the YouTube video started. Interestingly, it was material from my roommate's account - I do not know if it was logging in to his account, in any case, there was a photo-profile in the upper right corner and the name and surname - maybe it only displayed the name of the author's channel, but when I start other materials now there is no such thing). Anyway, it was a movie on his private YT channel.

    The first thing that occurred to me was the fact that in my absence, my roommate just used my TV one day and connected it somehow with his device (iPhone or computer), and now having turned on something on this device, the TV just got it . Is it possible? Unfortunately, I have never paired devices in this way, if I want to watch something, I use HDMI or a USB flash drive, so I tried to find some evidence in the TV options, but no effects. I didn't find anything in Screen Share (but it didn't look like screen share as a separate YT application started), nor in Wifi Direct. Before discussing this topic with him, I would like to have some proof, so is there any list of devices that were plugged in somewhere in the options or something like that? Is it even possible to fire YT sentence in Smart TV apps from another device unknowingly? Because if he did, it was definitely not on purpose.

    It also occurred to me that since we all use one router, maybe after the system update, which was a few days ago, the smart tv somehow went crazy and through this router took the signal from the roommate's phone or computer and actually turned something on, but is it possible? I would be more into option number one, but apart from guesswork, I have no evidence at the moment that someone was rummaging around in my room and my equipment. When I finished trying to find them on my own in the TV options, it was already late at night and he must have been asleep, so I didn't want to sh * nd just approach the subject calmly. :)

    I will be grateful for any suggestions and attempts to explain what could have happened, unfortunately I did not find help on the Internet. Screen share looks different to my eye than what happened, I couldn't find the list of paired devices (it didn't show anything, I probably checked in wifi direct), so I'm slowly running out of ideas.

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    powlog wrote:
    It also occurred to me that since we all use one router

    This may be enough for your smart to allow such a connection with YT from another device even without an authorizing and saving connection in the trusted list (maybe the roommate did not even have to select your TV earlier).
    On the other hand, some smarts require an authorization connection, sometimes they have extensive options, e.g. device filtering, and you would have to search well.
    Enter the TV model, and maybe someone knows it and will tell you where to enter the options.
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    Thanks, so there is such an option :)

    It is the LG 43LH630V.