[Solved] The SALUS 091RFVF (TX) controller does not turn off the stove

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    I have a request to help remove a problem / malfunction with the SALUS 091RFVF (TX) wireless controller

    The symptom is that regardless of the temperature in the room, the receiver usually gives the oven a signal to turn on the heating.

    Usually - because it can be forced to react correctly to the transmitter's indication - e.g. by temporarily disconnecting the receiver from the contact and switching it on again.
    Then, if the transmitter does not send a signal to turn on the heating - the receiver also does not give a signal to the furnace, while after the temperature drops in the room below the setpoint, the furnace turns on and basically stays that way, regardless of the signals from the transmitter.

    The problems started at the end of last winter, but of course there was no time to deal with it ...
    The problem seemed to increase, at first the stove did not turn off at any temperature change, it was getting worse and worse, eventually it ceased to work, except for the situation as above. except that it is helpful once. Although I was thinking about buying a timer to switch the receiver on and off at 15-minute intervals ...

    There are no problems with coverage, it never was - the set worked 2-3 years, but even when they are next to each other - the same problem. I experimented with channels last year - no effect. The batteries were functional, and various sets in the transmitter were tested 2-3 times.

    By the eye - the problem is with the receiver - but I don't have the expertise.

    Can someone have encountered a similar problem, could advise something?
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    Change the factory address to another using a jumper, probably the neighbor has the same and you switch :P
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    You know what, I doubt. DIPs are used to change the channel in this driver, I experimented (unless I do not know about some call - where to look?).
    Anyway, it's permanently ON, even half a meter apart, where my controller should have more power - as it turns on - will not turn off the stove anymore ...
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    Is the problem resolved?
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    Hello, I have the same problem, but it happened to me at a time of strong winds where there were power outages, 90 percent of the driver by the stove is nuts