Recording on USB from a TV - is it possible?

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    Slightly more expensive TVs, and those Full HD, and these UHD have a USB recording function.
    I'm interested in recording only from a terrestrial antenna or from another source, such as a Saturn decoder connected via HDMI or from a Video-Chinch input?
    If anyone knows, then I am asking for info.

    I would like to record an image from an analog TVL camera connected to the Video-Chinch input.
    I imagine that the choice of source would be the starting point for recording.
    I do not have a TV and I can not try it.

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    I expect them to record the image from the antenna (without ocr, menu and so on). As for the function you are asking for; depends on the TV model.
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    Welcome. I have a TV (Samsung UE40H7000SL) with a recording function. My TV allows you to record material that you receive from the built-in TV tuner, ie DVB-T (digital terrestrial) and DVB-S (satellite). These are the only sources from which you can record. This TV for recording only supports external disks, which, after formatting by TV, enable recording. Receiving recorded programs is only possible on the TV from which it was recorded. So it is not possible to record from a source other than the ones I mentioned. Greetings.
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    Thanks for the answers.
    I was wondering if it would be as if it was possible.
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    k2.juras wrote:
    that producers of recording equipment and programs will also earn theirs.

    Nothing could be more wrong - they earn all kinds of ZAIKS and other collective copyright management organizations (and there are probably the least 4 of them in Poland), the hardware manufacturer is just watching this.