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Connecting a decoder and a computer - How to connect a decoder to capture HD

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    I have a question, it's time to switch from old good cable TV to digital TV. I have at home 1 TV (parents) and in my room a computer with a TV card. Unfortunately, the image on the monitor is tragic, because the cable gives too low resolution. On days, we change cable TV to digital in the estate. The cable will go to the TV straight from the set-top box (I skip multiroom aspects, because I don't know how at my estate solve this problem). However, what if I wanted to connect the decoder to the computer to continue watching TV on the computer as it is now? I warn you that I am not interested in direct connections to the monitor, because I use the computer many times and watch TV in the window next to it, or play a music station. To capture an image in HD, I have to use HDMI, right? So what to buy so that this image on the computer was in this HD, and not like with the help of SCART, or is there any decoder that will release after Composite 1080p? Can it be done in a small budget or are there only AVerTV Capture HD cards for over PLN 400?

    PS: my current card is Winfast tv2000 xp expert, but I expect it is already a turn and it will not be suitable for a digital camera ;)
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    So how do you connect a decoder to this tuner?
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    adamsonm wrote:
    So how do you connect a decoder to this tuner?

    You will not connect a new decoder to your TV Tuner.
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    I meant the tuner recommended by @ wies333 , but it only has an antenna input, if I only wanted to download free channels.


    https://www.ebay.com/p/Pci-e-HDMI-HDCP-Decode...e-Capture-Card-for-Ps3-4-Xbox-Wii/1639930771? iid = 152584876260

    something like that would solve my problem?

    EDIT 2:
    television works with the help of a CI card, so is there any cheap solution to this, in addition to (again) cards for over PLN 300?

    EDIT 3:
    One thing is giving me peace all the time. On the plot I have the cheapest USB DVB-T tuner and plug in the old antenna to collect free channels. It catches me all and I think it is HD quality because on a 1366x768 laptop resolution everything looks nice and without pixels. Or is there somehow a decoder connected to such a tuner via an antenna cable?

    something like this:

    I would use a decoder that has an antenna output:

    and then connected with an antenna cable to the USB tuner. And then, according to the above article, one channel should have a signal from the decoder. Can he do it without going to SD?

    Sorry for so many questions, but in terms of television and TV standards I am mega green, and if I already have HD TV at home I would like to use it, but without spending PLN 400 :(
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    ... and two receivers will work on one decoder without the multiroom option?
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    no. the receiver at his parents' decoder with his card, me on my own.

    in addition, 720p is enough for me, because I wouldn't even be able to use 1080p. Currently I am looking at used Ariva 220 and some grabber by component. Can I pull 720p then?