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After connecting the ethernet cable, identification is in progress and nothing.

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    Good morning,

    I've been using a Dell laptop for about a year, but I probably haven't used a wired network yet. Now I need it, so I plugged in a working Ethernet cable (checked on another device). The system finds, identifies and sometimes even connects the correct network for 3 seconds, but after a while disconnects itself and the network is re-identified. This loop continues until I disconnect the Ethernet cable.

    If I open "Network connections" I can see 3 items: "Ethernet", "Ethernet 2" and "Wi-Fi". The Wi-Fi network is connected, full range, wireless internet works great. After connecting the cable to the computer, I see that "Ethernet" reacts. Before connecting the inscription "Network cable disconnected" appears, and after connecting it appears for a few seconds "Identifying ..." followed by the original inscription - so on forever.

    I decided that the Ethernet socket on the computer might be damaged, so I also connected the cable to the docking station. To my surprise there is a difference - here even for a second ("Ethernet 2") no network is identified, just zero response.

    What to do?


    o Dell Inspiron 15 5567 laptop
    o Windows 10 Home 64
    o Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
    o Intel (R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 wifi card
    o Orange Funbox router (optical fiber) 300 Mb
    o Dell 3100 Docking Station (Dell GigabitEthernet)
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    Moderator of Computers service
    Is the cable self-made or factory-earned?
    See as part of the test whether forcing the 10Mbps Full Duplex network adapter into advanced properties will keep the link.
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    The cable is OK, brand new.

    But the rest of it helped !! I reviewed 10 topics in 5 forums and did not get such a simple solution ... thank you very much !!

    Please tell me what's going on with this? I have never had this situation with computers and I don't understand what exactly I changed and why I had to do it. I have a specific router? And does that mean that I won't be able to use the full internet speed?

    Added after 25 [minutes]:

    And I would add that the theoretical situation has improved, but it is still not as it should.

    10 Mbps full duplex - internet is terribly slow, you can't even do speed test
    10 Mbps half duplex - internet is terribly slow, you can't even do speed test
    100 Mbps full duplex - it is exactly the same as before, i.e. it constantly disconnects and tries to connect indefinitely
    100Mbps half duplex - average 3 speedtests = ping 3ms, 41Mbps (download), 0.56Mbps (upload), but when testing the upload, the internet turns off and barely managed to do speedtest at all.

    Should I stay at 100Mbps half duplex, is there any other solution? Unfortunately, I see that every few minutes per second the internet turns off, and I need it to be as stable as possible.

    Added after 11 [minutes]:

    One more thing. I switched to the card from the docking station - there were only full duplex options available (10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb, and the default car). At 1Gb the Internet does not work at all, but at 100Mb it is great at the moment, test result = ping 3ms, download 93Mb, upload 40Mb.
    So it looks like the problem is solved, but could someone explain my previous questions?

    dt1 many thanks again!
  • Moderator of Computers service
    If it is necessary to lower the speed from autonegotiated to a lower one, this usually indicates a poor cable or cabling problem. How long is the cable, what category, is the router connected directly to the computer via this cable, or maybe there is a cable in the wall and sockets along the way, maybe some other devices?
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    I understand you must be right. From the router, the cable goes through the wall (about 5 meters, I do not know how to determine the category of this cable) and immediately enters the connector, because only a meter of this cable comes out of the wall, so I have no way to reach the computer. On the other side of this connector I have a cable, which I just bought recently, has 3 meters and is already going directly to the computer.
  • Moderator of Computers service
    I'm guessing that this cable through the wall, however, was clamped by someone. On the meter section protruding from the wall you can see on the insulation in the description the company and the category of cable.

    Upload photos of the plugs from this cable that goes through the wall so that you can see how the colors are arranged. Something similar to this:

    After connecting the ethernet cable, identification is in progress and nothing.

    In my cable all "halves" look white, but maybe you will see it better.