Samsung j3, charging - low battery temperature

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    I have Samsung after flooding. After connecting the charger shows that too low battery I replaced the micro-USB socket the same. I had previously flooded j3 and after replacing the socket started charging, and this one did not?
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    m0bile wrote:
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    That is, for charging problems it is enough to always replace the charging socket ...
    If after flooding it almost certainly fell something from the charging module on the disc.
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    And where to find the charging system on the board in j3?
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    It is not always the fault of the USB socket, I do not know why Samsung did not secure the rear of the soldering side of the socket and a little silicone sealing was enough, and so just a drop of water and moisture gets there. I also had a problem with charging in the sm-j320f / ds after opening the housing on the motherboard from the USB side, some of the electronics were tarnished and I had a short circuit on one of the capacitors that fell apart during cleaning. Due to the lack of such a capacitor and the fact that without it charging works without a problem I left without a capacitor. Soldering of such small parts without the right equipment and tools is practically impossible.

    Samsung j3, charging - low battery temperature

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    Hello everyone, as colleague gradek83 wrote, a frequent fault in this model is the blinded replacement of the capacitor as a result of excessive humidity at elements that are "allergic" to it due to the use of these elements - the phone charging system (not to be confused with flooding, malfunction arises during normal use of the phone), these models just have it, enough to better isolate the elements from moisture, you do not need to replace it, just skillfully remove it, the phone charges properly, frequent symptoms are messages about incorrect battery temperature, where the charging system stops charging phone batteries, the above operation removes the fault.

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