directx 11 why it doesn't work - I have directx 12 and the game that require

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    Hi. I installed the shadow of the war on steam. I have a Lenovo Y50 laptop with i7 and gtx960. I started the game without problems, in the settings I changed from the integrated card to my gtx960 and set the graphics to very high details + resolution 1920 1080. I turned off the game and I am trying to restart. Pop-up window "Installed device does not support DirectX 11. I don't know what right something like that might have jumped out if I have DirectX 12 (and as I guess since 12 also has 11). I installed the latest drivers for the graphics card and still nothing. I also updated my computer but it didn't change anything. Do you have any ideas? Can you download and install dx11 from somewhere? What could be the reason for this message to appear?