Samsung UE65KS8000 - VESA - what's the thread on tv?

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    Well, I have a problem with hanging the Samsung UE65KS8000 TV on the wall - and more accurately screwing the screws.
    In this model, the bottom two screws are M8 - and they screw in nicely. However, the upper 2 do not know what thread they have ... the M6 screw does not screw in (max 1 scroll and lock - and I do not want to force the abuy not to screw the thread on the tv). The M5 screw falls in (it is too small). A screw with an inch (1/4 inch) thread is not it.
    The set with tv was a set of screws and some adapters, but unfortunately I do not have it.
    Can someone have a similar problem? It looks like it should either be in the set (adapter?) Or there is some strange thread? Only what? The M6 bolt is the most suitable size ...
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    I sought so much for my wounds and I did not get it.
    Thank you very much!!
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    Also it took me a while to find in the instructions that you need to get those longer snippets at the top of TV and shorter at the bottom. I have hung up my 65ks9000 on such something; https://www.invisiontvbrackets.com/invisionr-...plasma-curved-screens-double-arm-tilt-swivel- feature-includes-1080p-HDMI-cable-spirit-level-please-confirm-your-tv-VESA-mounting-holes-before-buy-hdtv-dxl

    I was dependent on the option of adjusting the distance from the wall / seat and account. the first few days I was wondering if tv still hangs on the wall or lies smashed on the floor, but somehow this phobia passed me.

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    I understand and thank you for the comment.
    However, you had these adapters in the set ... and unfortunately I do not have them and I have to buy somewhere.
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    So it looks before and after. I was brave and hung it myself, but in three people it would be much more convenient and more reasonably and safer, above all :)

    Samsung UE65KS8000 - VESA - what's the thread on tv? Samsung UE65KS8000 - VESA - what's the thread on tv?
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    about lol. You hanged yourself? Congratulations for your courage ;)
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    Sam, and I do not recommend - it's a bit more complicated than replacing the bulb :)

    Prophylactically, I recorded a video of this hanging, because if it has something to break up, let it earn some money on YT. I did not look too much, but I do not think there is any video currently breaking the samsung headboards ...
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    but the tv is really great.
    Did you have those adapters in the set that I do not have?
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    Yes, these pins were in the accessories bag, four pieces, black, two longer, two shorter ones. First, they screw them in to TV (gently), and then like in the instructions for the handle. Look in this purse in which there were remotes and waste paper ...
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    Ok thank you for the info.
    I think important to others: In these tv models it is necessary to have these adapters - otherwise you will not hang the TV on the wall - no screw threads will fit.