Seat Leon 1.8 20v AGN - Odma, throttle oil

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    I have a Leon Leo 1.8 20v. Recently I noticed that the oil collects in the throttle. I think that the pneumothorax is probably blocked or its separator. I've already looked in the knots and in the tee and I can not see anything. Only my suspicion fell on the throttle tube. In the middle there is something that looks like a membrane that is worn out. A question for you. Where exactly is the separator odma or wgl. is this in this engine? If it does not exist, could I wear a different car so that the oil does not get in? Immediately speaking the engine is not in poor condition, and the oil in the throttle in the winter can be a problem.

    greetings :)
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    Hello. My problem is a bit different but it also started with the throttle. I did not want to start a new topic. Applies to the kia venga car.
    On Monday, after driving a few kilometers and parking, the car does not start. Tow truck, mechanic. Throttle, oil, filters mentioned. Apparently the "throttle sent oil".
    The car was louder after the repair, the mechanic ordered to come, the car had little power.
    He called to say that something blurred in the timing, the belt is poorly tensioned and the timing to be replaced. He was supposed to call with a quote, but silence. I will add that I am a woman who does not know anything about cars, so I know that my post does not stick to order and composition, but maybe write what I can expect. What costs? Is there an option that the engine will be replaced whole?
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    @ koles2233
    Have you managed to solve this problem? I have the same one, I changed the whole pipe from the inlet from the filter to the throttle because I thought that the membrane was damaged but it did not help. The damper floats in oil
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    Throttle oil? Engine in good condition? It's quite strange. In my experience, it results from blows through pistons to the crankcase. You can feel it by unscrewing the oil filler cap while the engine is running. I'm happy.
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    I haven't been here for a long time, but the solution turned out to be quite simple. I talked to many mechanics, he himself works in this profession and I noticed that most car models have ordinary filters in a different way. There is no such filter in session 1.8. Only the intake pipe valve is present. That is why I bought the "oil catcher" from Fiat 126 and installed it in the pneumothorax. In such a way that he cannot move. There is currently no oil in the throttle. The problem was not the purge, but the lack of a filter between the crankcase ventilation system and the intake pipe. Oil droplets leaked, which over time caused the entire throttle to be flooded
    Engine in good condition measured compression around 12.5 13-bar on each cylinder. The car has already driven over 50,000 and now you can see no problem :) .
    best regards
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    Can you show me exactly which valve and where you installed it?