What Generator for Recreational Plot Under PLN 500: KRAFT & DELE KD109, LEDs, Radio, Chargers

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    I am looking for a generator / aggregate for a recreational plot to power a few LEDs and a radio and a few telephone chargers. The price is max PLN 500. I found something like KRAFT & DELE KD109. I will add that it must be handy because they are prowling with a variety of thieves and I will take him home after my stay.
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    I have such a plot installed on my plot http://www.modernhome.pl/product-pol-645-Solarny-zestaw-zasilajacy-MH-30W.html permanently set only the battery I have a larger 50Ah bought for a penny on a promotion in a hypermarket sufficiently calm to power a small radio, and in the evenings LED 4W + 2 x 10W LEd can shine, sometimes the phones also charge. The biggest advantage is silence, and you don't need fuel.
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    Sory, but that wasn't the question. I don't care about just generators.
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    You won't buy anything decent up to PLN 500. Per plot and with such receivers, there probably must be only one condition to keep it quiet. Buy it as cheap as possible and that the LEDs will blink and the radio will buzz and the horizontal stripes will move on the TV is another thing. Think about it yet. The plot uses various power tools, mowers, etc. The aggregate power must be at least 3 times greater than the largest receiver. People don't think about it and later write that something is not working for them or that the aggregate has burned.
    Oh, I forgot. The aggregate you mentioned is noisy, weak Chinese giving about 800 W with aluminum windings driven by a two-stroke output. So the bottom.
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    I faced a similar problem when in January we were permanently disconnected from plots (it will come back after reinstalling the new network, sometime). So I started looking for a generator. Since I only go there on weekends and I have a basement, I was looking for something relatively light, quiet and enabling connection of electronics or inverter. These are 4-stroke generators built in a plastic housing, quiet (57-65dB) weighing 19-22kg, but having small tanks for 4-6 hours. And the nominal power of 1200-1500W, so a little little, because a small Bosch mower has 1300W. The price, unfortunately, from 2k up, so my choice fell on (Chinese?) - Polish power generator INVERTER TAGRED TA2500INW (999PLN), which looks like a regular generator (it has no compact housing), but it has a 10L gas tank. Why is it called inverter rather than inverter? I have two theories. The first is the result of ignorance of the Polish language. Second. If you burn your computer using this generator, the company in court will declare that it is a proper name and does not mean that the system is equipped with a working AVR. It could also be called invert or invert. It doesn't mean anything anyway. But apparently AVR has it. Just in case, I connected the router and laptop via UPS. On the eye, the voltage on my UPS display looks stable. Having the manufacturer's assurance of 2.2kW rated power, I believed that I could connect my thermal bath (2kW). After firing the generator, it turned out that an attempt to connect causes immediate disconnection of the generator. To turn it on you need to turn off the engine and start again. The test with a kettle (1.2kW) ended similarly. Well, you can forget about hot water. It was similar with the mower (1.3kW). It was then that I understood that two connection sockets are not for my convenience, only divide the generator's power in half, 1100W per socket. Other manufacturers write about it openly. You have 3kW, but with three 1.0 kW sockets. This one omits such irrelevant details. A bit with a soul on my shoulder I made a parallel connection of two sockets (just not mistake the poles, because they will burn) and success. I was able to start the mower and the septic pump. Teapot unfortunately not. Probably the demand for power until the heating spiral heats up twice exceeds the power given on the kettle (1.2kW), and this is no longer within the generator's power range. The weight of TA2500 is 22kg, with gasoline up to 28, so I can hide it in the basement. The classic small generator weighs approx. 40 kg, 50 with gasoline and it is difficult to transport it somewhere. This is a big plus. But there are also minuses. The manufacturer stated in his leaflet that the noise level is 65dB (it has already disappeared from Allegro), and the factory store describes it as: very quiet. The first thing I saw after opening the box was a sticker: 95dB. Goodbye silence. Compared to Japanese or Sino-German inverters (56dB) it's a lot. I tried to mute him somehow by placing him in the descent to the basement. From a distance of 5m, the noise was clearly smaller, but after 5 'in the kitchen a CO sensor alarm went off. The level reached 97ppm, so be careful. Away from the cottage, children and in the wind. Direct sensor measurement from applying to the exhaust outlet showed 340ppm. So beware! Use, even in a well-ventilated room, is a recipe for suicide. After the first attempts, I was determined to return the generator and even sent a note, but after considering alternative solutions, I decided that I would not find a better one. With a well ventilated and closed shed, it is better to buy TAGRED 3000W AVR, because it has a bit more power and costs PLN 300 less, but to bring 50kg I would need a second person or risked spinal life. To sum up: pros are price and weight, cons are 95dB noise (same for both models). On the plus side, you can also include working time - 10 hours. At the same time, the manufacturer, counting on our simplicity, naively gives gasoline consumption 0.4L / h and 10h working time with 10L tank. It's true that it doesn't add up? Because 0.4L is when the generator only growls but doesn't give electricity. By the way. The engine has a choke control that is supposed to be reset when the engine warms up. For now, reducing the choke below 50% even with a very hot engine results in its "dying". Maybe after arriving? 8-)