Dead LPG switch, the car does not start ... Peugeot 406, 2006, BRC gas installat

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    I need help,
    the situation looks like this:

    I own a Peugeot 407 car, 2.0 petrol 140 HP + LPG BRC purchased about a week ago from "dark-skinned Germans"
    The gas switch is dead, and the car does not start, as if the LPG system has died, cutting off the fuel pump ..
    what to do ???

    For more insightful detailed description below:

    The car in the morning usually had to turn on longer to start (probably candles I thought), sometimes as if it mucked up a little when reaching the intersection and turning ... as if the fuel was disturbed in the tank.
    I thought it was the fault of the automaton, which after braking reacts slowly to gas (half full tank, about 75% gas)
    it happened that the car after driving 4-5 km and a short stop (buying cigarettes at the station) went out after driving off and it was difficult to start - I thought that the gas turned on too early and may choke when starting.
    One morning the car was quite hard (the third time), but it started, later switched to gas and everything was ok ...
    the first stop and after a few minutes of parking fired, then after a few meters it went out, it was hard to fire but it got on and you could go on. The next stop, the longer one and the problem with firing but again it managed. I had the impression that on the stretch of about 30 km twice as if there was no fuel for a moment and again it was OK.
    Last stop, about 30 minutes and it was impossible to fire.
    During the first few attempts of firing, when the ignition was switched on, the upper green indicator of the gas switch appeared (for about 1-2 seconds), hold-down for longer (for emergency firing on gas) had no effect, the diode simply went out.
    After some time, the attempt to start the car looked like this: ignition, gas switch dead, no solenoid valves or fuel pump can be heard, the starter turns, the car does not start ... I unplugged the clamps for a few minutes - did not help,
    I unhooked the gas central - nothing too ...
    I went out of my way, I tried to leave the car with the clamps unfastened for a long time (about 30 minutes), someone somewhere said that as long as it does not require miracles, I also connected the clamps from another car, I watched the fuel pump - what's interesting, feel a leak Pb fragrance.
    finally I read that the "N" automat can be towed up to 30 km, 30 km / h ...
    So the car is under the house, it would be nice to get any advice (I'd like to go to the parking lot and check)
    I know that topics are discussed in this forum, which for the layman are often magic or space, so I'm sure that in my situation you can definitely do something, it looks like a shit and I plan to stick to it ... ;)
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    Start by checking the lpg driver power supply. There are two pros, one directly from the battery with a fuse, often it becomes black or breaks off. The second is the plus on the key. No and the weight at the battery.
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    Dead LPG switch, the car does not start ... Peugeot 406, 2006, BRC gas installat Hello!
    I just got back from the parking lot, the situation is this: I unplugged the driver and checked the voltage with the meter, black is minus, red - constant plus, green is the same thickness as the other two and there is no voltage on it, regardless of ignition. The problem is that I can't locate the fuses for anything, everything is wrapped in black insulation that doesn't look good ...
    Question: can I try to connect the battery plus directly to this cable to check if the installation came alive?
    or maybe this way I risk burning the driver?
    the situation is quite tense because I have to get to work in the morning.
    In the picture I have located only one fuse, it looks good, besides, the voltage is positive.
    Dead LPG switch, the car does not start ... Peugeot 406, 2006, BRC gas installat
    One more thing ... is this loose yellow cable "supposed to be"? you can't see it disconnecting from somewhere

    Added after 1 [hours] 29 [minutes]:

    I tried to connect "briefly"
    I heard the solenoid valve and what's more, the smell of gas and hissing on the hose from the reducer to the filter on the way to the strip ...
    Is it possible that the installation included gas and gasoline?
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    yellow is probably from the lambda sensor, it may not be connected. If you leak, you should be very careful. It can disconnect gas if the pressure drops through it but does not disconnect gasoline. The problem is probably with the motor control, maybe the shaft position sensor. To completely exclude lpg installations, you still need to disconnect the gasoline injectors, and connect directly to the ecu harness. Alternatively, look for the wires at the lpg bundle and short-circuit.
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    I corrected the leak, shortened the hose and gave a new clamp, after another attempt the leak appeared on the same hose, only at the filter this time.
    After connecting this green cable for a short time
    Installation still shows no signs of life (switch)
    The solenoid valve can be heard clearly, I had the impression that the pump turned on for a while ..
    Interestingly, this leak in the gas and the top of the pump also feel gasoline, it looks like the pressure was from both installations, only something further was closed ...

    Added after 2 [hours] 13 [minutes]:

    Could someone suggest how to disconnect this installation so that the car can only run on gasoline?
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    meschkis wrote:

    Could someone suggest how to disconnect this installation so that the car can only run on gasoline?

    I meant whether it is possible to switch injections in some way without interfering with the wires, because this beam looks really uninteresting.
    maybe the photo will help ...
    Dead LPG switch, the car does not start ... Peugeot 406, 2006, BRC gas installat
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    Pawel wawa
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    First of all, stop creating any bridges, short circuits and giving power for a short time. secondly, the gas controller has some designation. Submit them to the forum. After marking it, download the diagram from the network and check the power supply and mass.
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    I was looking for a schema for BRC seqenc 24, this designation is on the interface cube, but the schema does not tell me much
    I ordered a diagnostic tool, maybe the computer will show you what the problem is regarding gasoline supply, because the check is on.
    I hope it will come today.

    Added after 4 [hours] 37 [minutes]:

    Pawel wawa wrote:
    check power and ground.

    Is this synonymous with plugging in with a cable with a meter tip?
    I've already done it ... on red is + permanent ..
    There is no key on the green.
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    An OBD device has arrived.
    Shows error of coils A, B, C and D.
    What can be responsible for all coils at once?
    I suspect that this may be due to a lack of power for the LPG system
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    Pawel wawa
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    The fuse is burnt (or the connection on the LPG pipe rotten), from this coil power supply you also have the gas central power supply connected - after ignition :)
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    Will you tell me how can I locate it?
    A few posts above I added a photo from under the mask ..
    I hope it will be .. ;)

    Added after 10 [hours] 28 [minutes]:

    Was close..
    it turned out that after giving + to the fuse in the engine compartment box the car was asking ...
    There are two fuses: number 5 and number 10
    With the help of internetworkers I was able to trace the cause ..
    This is the BSM module, or only its BSF1 relay, which I will verify in the morning ..
    What gas check later ...
    Thank you for your commitment.