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Iveco Daily 35C15 - EDC error, does not start

SokolPatryk 15144 4
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    Hello, I have a problem with Iveco as in topic 3.0 176 HP
    One of the drivers probably lacked fuel, the car went out, the EDC light was on, there was no electricity to the pump, the pump was shortened for a short time.
    All fuses
    The forum has a similar topic but without explaining how it was fixed. The only useful information is about the sensor position of the shaft which I will verify today or tomorrow as I will have the car "on the table"
    I would like to ask what is worth checking if it is not a position sensor problem.
    I know that the control itself is not enough, unfortunately I do not have access to diagnostic equipment.
    I will add that the car turns very "sluggish"
    For any tips beer!
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    I suggest checking the area and connections in the lower region of the water cooler on the left side of the car in terms of corrosion and continuity of wires
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    In a box with fuses and relays on the engine there are two relays from the injection: the main one and the fuel pump.
    Is the main relay activated?
    If there is a gap between the controller and the fuel pump relay (the controller shorts the relay to the ground), the engine will not fire even for a short time, plus a pump. You can try to short the relay to ground by a 12V indicator. If we connect the copper wire control wire to ground, we will not start the engine. After switching the ignition on the valve, the dose on the toilet pump should be + 12V. The toilet pump with disconnected plug pumps to the maximum pressure.
    First check the controller relay cable.
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    I have the same problem, only with me the bundle is all right

    Added after 5 [hours] 37 [minutes]:

    In my Iveco the pomka works like this for about 0.5 seconds and turn off what may be