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    I have a question, will the SAFE 2 message disappear after sufficient time has elapsed or will it only be displayed allowing to enter the code? I have a commission car and I have no idea what the option of entering the code should look like. I have the code but I don't know how much time it will take, and of course how can I know that I can enter the code.
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    With the ignition and radio on, the waiting time. It will disappear by itself and let you enter the code.
    Radio instructions are online.
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    Unfortunately, after waiting for an hour SAFE 2 has not disappeared and that is why I think something is wrong.

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    JoannaR90 wrote:
    Unfortunately, after waiting for an hour SAFE 2 did not disappear

    Did you have the ignition on and the radio on at the time? I have not met yet so that the SAFE2 radio does not wait after waiting.
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    Well, unfortunately, yes and nothing reacted. I can turn the dial and jump in some numbers e.g. 2048 etc. but you can't enter the code. Maybe broken?
  • Car audio specialist
    Maybe you finally want to determine what radio you have in this car? Various models were assembled in Fabia. In addition, it is not known whether the car salesman has not installed any "zapchajdziury" for you? It is strange that turning the knob causes any reaction. This indicates damage to the radio. I advise you to visit the autoradio website.
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    M202 A radio
    Thank you for your answer. The radio is original but probably damaged.