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fabia II - Rear wiper not working, wiper motor 5J7955711

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    Level 20  
    The rear wiper has stopped working. On the black and green wires there is voltage when the ignition is turned on regardless of whether the handle is in the off position. or on
    As soon as I give the voltage to the motor, the motor and the whole mechanism work flawlessly. The same is how I give voltage to the electronics before the motor in the socket, to the green and black cable pin, the whole mechanism work correctly.

    In that case, where is the problem if there is voltage in the black and green cable plug?
    Through the OBD2 interface, I could not trigger the rear wiper test, the status "unavailable"
    I also transferred the entire engine to Octavia I, it seems to me that it should work, because in Octavia I there is the same motor power plug, but the engine from Fabia II will not vibrate.
    Is the problem in the motor electronics or in the comfort module?
    fabia II - Rear wiper not working, wiper motor 5J7955711
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    Level 13  
    Maybe the beam in the lapel is a mess.
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    Level 26  
    As a colleague writes, first check the harness connecting the tailgate with the body, most often there is a broken cable.
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    Level 20  
    The cables are like new, I checked.
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    Level 13  
    And what the combined switch looks like in the parameters. Can you see when the handle is in the on position?

    Added after 6 [minutes]:

    You have an executive module on the motor, gently solder.
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    Level 43  
    The problem is the lack of weight if you have power / wires in the grommet pull firmly with a hook or pliers. Plus, that's not all. And the hatch is to be closed.
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    Level 28  
    After switching on the ignition, the + power supply should be only on pin 4, of course, on 1 ground. After switching on the wiper on pin 2 there should be mass, on the back washer on the pin 3 should appear +. The switch may be damaged.
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    Level 20  
    I think that something inside the car must be damp and therefore the wiper does not work, because when the weather is dry it is no problem with the wiper.
    Two days ago I turned on the heating and blowing on the ful because of the fact that I am currently sick and after a short route the wiper started to work, while today the car stopped overnight and the problem returned.