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Pin Distribution BCS IP Camera - RJ45 Connection and BCS-TIP1130IR Camera Power

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    Gentlemen, I am looking for a distribution of power and signal pins that are plugged into the ankle inside the BCS-TIP1130IR camera.
    I have such a camera, but I do not have the original cable / connector for it, which was terminated inside the camera with a 12-pin connector and outside with a power plug and RJ45 socket.

    I will be grateful for the description of where and how to connect so that the camera moves.


    In connection with the solution of the problem I put a diagram of pins connection in the IP camera and their connections to the RJ45 and to the power socket.

    Pin Distribution BCS IP Camera - RJ45 Connection and BCS-TIP1130IR Camera Power
    Below is a brief description of the connections between the cube in the camera and RJ45 and the power socket according to the diagram shown:

    K1 - contact not connected in camera (Has connection with K2)
    K2 - yellow wire in the camera - Pin No. 4 or 5 in RJ45 - Plus PoE supply (Note: PoE supply is 48VDC)
    K3 - a contact not connected in the camera (It has an internal connection with K4)
    K4 - gray wire - Pin No. 7 or 8 in RJ45 - PoE supply minus (Note: PoE supply is 48VDC)
    K5 - green wire (no info)
    K6 - red wire - plus 12V DC power supply
    K7 - white wire (no info)
    K8 - black wire - minus 12VDC power supply
    K9 - brown wire - Pin No. 1 in RJ45
    K10 - purple wire - Pin No. 2 in RJ45
    K11 - orange wire - Pin No. 3 in RJ45
    K12 - blue wire - Pin No. 6 in RJ45

    In case someone has only damaged the RJ45 socket end and connects it to the UTP cable, the relationship looks like this:
    Camera -------- UTP
    brown - white-orange
    purple - orange
    orange - white-green
    yellow - blue and / or white and blue
    blue - green
    gray - white brown and / or brown

    I also attach a diagram in the form of a file Schemat po..zeń.pdf Download (32.55 kB) .

    Special thanks to @ maly_13 for helping me solve the problem. :D
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    it may be useful to someone Pin Distribution BCS IP Camera - RJ45 Connection and BCS-TIP1130IR Camera Power
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    @ maly_13 many thanks for the photo. It has already helped me, but it turned out that the cables inside the bundle are damaged because the RJ45 does not conduct several risers and the power supply of any of the wires does not conduct. I will be grateful for a simple description of connections / diagram.

    I am curious myself whether the camera will move because it survived (or not :P ) a nice blow from the falling scaffolding element during facade renovation. Best of all, as it turned out later, the wires from the pins were pulled out by the employees themselves because they wanted to hide the whole case and after "disassembly" of the camera by quickly pulling the cables out of the camera they were hidden under the facade ... Simply human creativity has no limits. [/ B]
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    it was somewhere on the forum
    1 - brown
    2 - purple
    3 - orange
    4 and 5 - yellow (plus PoE supply)
    6 - blue
    7 and 8 - gray (minus PoE supply)

    red + 12V
    black mass
    Because from what I remember, poe has 48V but there was a separate plug for connecting a 12V power supply
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    Well, exactly PoE goes to 48VDC so today after work I will try to give 12V voltage on separate wires or even stand up. Thanks again for the description :)
    I will let you know after work what and how and the subject I think will be useful for posterity :)
    Best regards.


    Camera fired up! It is true that the wiring harness with terminals that enters the camera is completely damaged and can only be replaced, but at the moment the camera is running briefly on temporary cables and works properly. I just wonder if I will buy somewhere in PL a ready-made cable for cameras terminated on one side with a 12-pin A connector on the other and a RJ45 socket. If not, then Alliexpres remains and 2-3 weeks of waiting or a bundle of homemade and with 2 hours of work.

    Today I will try to defend the topic and throw in a small guide for posterity. It will definitely be useful.
    Thanks again for your help to @ maly_13
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    just luck because I used to mount this camera at a friend's and storms broke off the camera and was left alone without a plug, the plug inside was left with pieces of cables and the rest was not a trace. And it wasn't TIP1130 but TIP3300air
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    Topic is closed
    Solution in the first post.