How to connect AUX to Blaupunkt RD4 D2 N2?

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    My radio is Blaupunkt RD4 D2 N2.
    I wanted to connect the AUX input with Peugeot 407 from 2005, so that I could listen to music, for example from a phone or an mp3 player.
    It was supposed to be quite simple. Unfortunately, the situation has slightly exceeded me.
    I bought a AUX cord like in the picture:
    How to connect AUX to Blaupunkt RD4 D2 N2?
    I connected to the back of the radio and wanted to activate it using the diagnostic interface. Unfortunately, when I wanted to turn on the AUX1 connector through the diagbox, only the "bad configuration" message popped up, the second AUX is still set to the external mute and it can not be changed. From the peugeot level, the planet wgl. I have not seen this option.
    I have read a bit on the internet and it comes out that my radio for the second AUX output is probably connected to the bluetooth installation connector.
    Unfortunately, I can not see bluetooth anywhere. You can see the wires themselves.
    I thought you could hook up to the wires from the AUX 2 output. On the internet I found a schematic
    How to connect AUX to Blaupunkt RD4 D2 N2?
    ... and here the question - if I connect cables from AUX 1 to AUX 2, black to pin 8, red to pin 4 and white to pin 10, will it make sense?
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    If there is no bt then try to hook up to this active AUX, just check what you have on the mute. Sometimes diagbox also makes such a trick to me, then I again make a global test and the configuration comes to fruition.
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    The point is that I normally hooked up to this free AUX and tried to activate in various ways. Unfortunately, without any effect.
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    And what? Did you solve the problem? If so, share the solution, of course if you can, and if not, it's the two of us.
    Best of all, with the AUX 1 input I can do anything, set each option, but unfortunately it is occupied by bluetooth, and when I try to make any changes to the AUX 2, the message "bad telecoding" pops up.
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    Some versions of RD4 have only 1 AUX input.
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    You didn't comfort me. Pins on the radio are supposed to be blind?
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    can this radio be turned on the desk