Seat Ibiza IV (2012) - Replacing the mirrors with electric ones

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    I was looking for similar topics, found only 1:


    Unfortunately, I have not found anything specific on the forum. I would like to replace manual mirrors with electric ones, and install their heating immediately. I was looking for mirrors on the internet and there are 2 types:

    - 5 pin
    - 7 pin

    for logic, 7-pin will be suitable - for connecting the heating, but these are only my assumptions. Could someone describe what elements are needed to change the mirrors from manual to electric with heating? Alternatively, can someone who has made such an exchange in the workshop share information about the costs?

    Thank you in advance and best regards.
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    First of all, check if you have any electrical wiring in the door to the mirrors and how many pins are terminated in the connectors (if any). In cars produced for a long time, installations are made strictly for the equipment and often nothing can be done without replacing the wiring harnesses. If there could be a similar situation that I worked in Opel, that in order to be able to add electric servos to the windows, it was necessary to replace the wiring harnesses in the door, which were connected via the door-post connector, because only the floor wiring was complete for controlling mirrors and windows.
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    I reheat the cutlet, but for posterity:
    3-pin mirror - electrically adjustable (without anything)
    5-pin mirror - electric setting + heating (Unless it has a built-in turn signal, then electric setting + direction indicator, but I did not meet mirrors with a direction indicator and without heating)
    7-pin mirror - electrical adjustment + heating + direction indicator
    10-pin mirror - electric adjustment + indicator light + heating + electric folding.

    In the first Ibiza / Cordoba 6L (according to the official markings, it will be Ibiza III and Cordoba II, which is nothing else than the Ibiza III sedan version) the mirror setting was based on a switch that controlled 2 motors with 3 wires (right / left and up / down). Heated mirrors and direction indicators in the mirrors were controlled directly from the BCM, and if there were folding mirrors, a special module was responsible for it, marked on the diagrams as J351. This required pulling 3 (electrically adjustable only) to 8 (electric adjustable, heated and folding mirrors with integrated turn signal) wires to the doors for the mirrors only, with a total of 22 wires entering the door in the Full option.

    In the later (I'm not sure, but probably since 2005) Ibiza / Cordoba 6L both the selection, adjustment, heating and folding mirrors switch, as well as the mirrors themselves were connected to the electronics located on the window lift motor. The entire control runs on the CAN line (the same on which the electric windows and the central locking opening and closing button are controlled). In this way, the excess of cables leading from the cabin to the door was eliminated, of which in the Full option there were only a maximum of 14 (the entire central locking, except for the switch on the driver's door, was controlled directly from the comfort module (J393 in the diagrams)

    The first Ibiza IV had the same solution that was found in the newer Ibiza 6L. Has anything changed by 2012? Someone who has an Ibiza with electric windows and mirrors should speak on this topic, and then the topic to be closed
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    I just created an account to show you what I've found on my ibiza 6j second hand car (it is a very bad mess)...
    My question is, who can help me with wiring pinout ? The electric mirrors work simultaneously (left and right) and the directions are wrong (for example, I put the selector on L and I move it up, result : left mirror goes down AND right mirror goes right !!!
    Seat Ibiza IV (2012) - Replacing the mirrors with electric ones Seat Ibiza IV (2012) - Replacing the mirrors with electric ones
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    Hi all,
    I sorted it out on my own,
    Turns out that BOTH brown/grey wires are for heating (because it is a resistance, + and - can be on either way...).
    The other 3 wires took me some time to figure out the configuration.