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SEAT LEON II 2009 FL - Automatic folding of mirrors with remote control

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    As in the subject, I have a problem with folding mirrors from the remote control. Everything has worked so far. Once, I also had this problem and dug up an old topic somewhere that I can't find at the moment, but I have searched hundreds of topics in various forums. Then someone described the programming method in which it was mentioned to lower the glass and close it, and the next stages, but I don't remember it. After programming, the mirrors folded. I will add that when the window is lowered and the window is held down longer, the window closes and the mirrors fold. Maybe someone knows this method of how it was done and will share it in the future to prevent this problem from happening thanks in advance for the answers!
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    please refresh the topic
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    wiem ze piszesz o metodzie recznej
    nie znam
    ale wykonaj to tak
    Fold mirrors automatically on lock

    By default to fold mirrors via remote control you need to hold the lock key a couple of seconds. Since I usually folded mirrors either case I didn't want to waste my time to hold the key and to fold mirrors when I short press the lock button. It seems there is an option to do it!

    Select 09-Cent. Elect.
    Click Secirity Access - 16 and enter 31347
    Select channel (22)-Access control 2-Funk Spiegelanklappung Modus
    Change value to look command via remote control key
    Confirm it by clicking Do it!

    Default value

    by convenience operation via remote control key
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    Hello. we managed to solve the problem by finding the way after several hours of searching in google.

    Ignition turned ----> car window down, car up, ignition off. The ignition key turned on ----> the car window down, the car up and it should swing :)
    same with mirrors - fold with knob, etc.