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Dell Inspiron15 3000 Series-Airplane mode that cannot be turned off - none

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    The case is the case with the Dell Inspiron15 3000 Series laptop

    Enter the device manager, look for the "HID Interface Devices" group and select the "Airplane Mode Switch Collection" with the right mouse button, select "Turn off device" from the menu. We close everything and restart the computer.
    At the first start, airplane mode may still be visible, but now you will be able to manage the start status of this function from the helper next to the clock (earlier this option was probably inactive). After turning it off, everything works fine, even after subsequent reboots.
    The only visible change to such a procedure is a disabled device in the windows device manager.

    I hope I was helpful to someone.

    I separated as a new topic. The case concerns other equipment. RADU23
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    I have a similar problem with this airplane ...

    generally, this applies to wifi, the card after attempting to start seems to turn on and in the settings it is visible as enabled but on the right side when I open the icon there is disabled.
    I did as you wrote and turned off the plane and here is the success ... except that the rest is unchanged.
    funny is that the problem appeared when the system was updating.
    in November it was enough to remove windows updates.
    does not help now.
    I installed the wine again yesterday, I forgot to unplug the LAN cable
    and updated during installation - the network is not available: / i.e. the card is not working.
    I reinstalled again without the network - everything is ok, but somewhere something was updating again and there is no wifi again ...
    arms and legs fall - I'm not a specialist, I haven't dealt with computers in 12 years.
    do you have any idea
    I described it here http://forum.pclab.pl/topic/1243138-Problem-z...ge__p__15050284__fromsearch__1&#entry15050284
    maybe more clearly ...
    Thanks for the help