Renault megane III - No stop lamps

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    Hello, as in the topic of megane III ph1 1.5 dci from 2010 there is no stop. The sensor is ok fuses all good, but which stop I do not know. maybe someone will send a stop scheme from which the pin comes out of the ear and the fuse scheme I would be very grateful thank you in advance for any help.
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    Have you checked the stop sensor with the meter?
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    VAG group specialist
    Diagram of stop lamps attached.
    120 - engine control unit
    172 - right rear light
    173 - left rear light
    260 - fuse box
    639 - third brake light
    645 - UCH
    1337 - UPC
    Apparently the UCH cannot see the signal from the sensor - no plus on the sensor or the signal from the sensor does not reach the UCH.
    Connect CLIP and check if the signal is coming.
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    Thanks for the diagram, the pros on the sensor are there and when you press the brake it outputs a signal.
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    Hello, the reason for the lack of alloy was cold solder on 6 pins ears