MAN TGX 18:480 2008 - Adblue GDK/PDF, errors

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    After a four-day stoppage of the car, I got 4 errors in the GDK / PDF system
    5 05018-13 Active
    3 05019-13 Active
    5 01542-05 Active
    5 05527-12 Passiv
    The last one was deleted, the rest is still active or the message "malfunction emission control" may light up every now and then.
    What may be the problem? I will only add that the errors all appeared at the same time.
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    05018 - 13
    Adblue preheating valve open, temperature higher than expected.

    05019-13 Aktiv
    AdBlue heating (tank heating valve)
    Error criterion: Short to plus (12V) or minus, interruption.

    Temperature sensor in B996 (humidity sensor at the air filter). FMI12 indicates open circuit or short circuit to + Ubat

    malfunction emission control - malfunction of the emission control

    malfunction of the dosing device and its supply voltage
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    The error from the humidity sensor has gone out, the rest of the errors are active non-stop. In my opinion, the problem is with the installation, as all the errors occurred at the same time. Where to look for the problem, or possibly in which cables?
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    I would start searching in the beam under the adblue module on a distance of about a meter from the plug to the module. It happens that the wires are chafing there. Also check the resistance of the adblue tank heating valve, it should be between 25 and 60 ohms.
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    Today the car went on the road, after about 50 km the errors started to fade, but they fired again and all at once. Either there were all 3 or there were none. Now, after about 100 km traveled, the errors are gone and they do not burn. So I confirm that the problem is somewhere in the installation. The last snowfall plus salt and those are the results. Water has entered somewhere and that's why there are such circuses. Only on Saturday I will have the car free. First, I will check the resistance in the coil of the valve feeding the refrigerant fluid, then the dispenser also the resistance of the coil. Then I will check all the plugs and cubes at the module, dispenser, fluid valve, and at the sonar at the bottom of the tank. If I find nothing, I will write.
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    Start by disconnecting and reconnecting each plug, this way you will improve the conductivity of the connectors, they may become rusty.
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    Today it was ok for 150 km until there was water on the asphalt. Now the mistakes are back and they are burning non-stop. Dice checked, dry like pepper everywhere. I inadvertently forgot to connect the cubes at the fluid valve and the errors with the cube connected and disconnected are the same, nothing changes. There is nothing left for me to do but go on the valve cables. Well, unless the valve itself is damaged, but I will check it with a meter only when I return home for the weekend.
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    Check the orange plug on the right side of the tank, often green in the center or poor contact.
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    I had problems with this ankle last winter and a new one has been fitted.

    Today I struggled with the problem, I started by checking the resistance on the valve from the heating and the dispenser.
    Heating valve 28-30 Ohm, dispenser 13 Ohm.
    So the components are operational. After disconnecting the cubes from the dispenser and the fluid valve, the errors are the same with the FMI 13 tip.
    I started with the installation. The bundle that goes from the fluid heating valve connects to the thick conduit that goes to the pump. Just at this point, at the very junction, and precisely that plastic tee, one cable was broken from the heating control valve. The pink cable that goes from the pump somewhere under the frame was also completely eaten, but still held up. I cut a few cm, added the missing lengths, and welded them with heat-shrinkable sleeves. After turning the ignition on, the indicator light flashed a few more times and came on steadily. After starting the car, the diagnosis error 5 05018-13 Passiv 5 01542-05 Passiv, while 3 05019-13 Aktiv. So I went for Multidiaga. There was only one error left in Mulidiag, this 3 05019-13 error, which turned into a discontinuous error and into a passive error in the car diagnostics. I deleted it in diagnostics, everything went out together with the GDK / PDF system. Just in case, I spilled some preparation on the contacts, I did 15 km and so far everything works fine. I think the problem was in these corroded cables in the area of the right wheel arch, and exactly in the place of the adblue pump rack ;)
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    Maybe someone can halp with error 505006-09. And its description. Thanks.