Toyota Rav 4 - Toyota Rav 4 2008 message check abs, vsc, 4x4 and crazy indicatio

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    I have a problem in toyota rav 4 year 2008 petrol 2.0. The ABS indicator and three check abs system, 4x4 system and vsc system messages light up while driving. The problem has happened before and the stop light switch was guilty. It was exchanged about 2 years ago. A similar situation occurred already in December, then it happened again two or three times. I thought the sensor would need to be replaced again, but the errors stopped popping up until then. The problem is that now after these messages light up, the tachometer and speedometer hands go up and down (for example, when driving 50 km / h the speedometer pointer jumps from 40 to 60 km / h at a fast pace, along with the tachometer pointer). It happened to me after driving 12 km. After switching off and ignition of the engine, the problem disappeared, but after a while it appeared again. After switching off the engine again and igniting, the problem disappeared, but reappeared after driving about 10 km. At this moment, only these three messages and the ABS indicator appeared first, after a few seconds, the speedometer and tachometer hands began to go crazy again, after the car stopped, the p / s indicator came on and the power steering stopped working, after a while the hand brake indicator came on, that it was not drawn, the engine temperature pointer suddenly dropped down, then the airbag indicator came on ... and that's about it. The car is crazy. After turning the engine off and on, everything went back to normal ... After connecting the phone with SDPROG and the bluetooth module, it did not detect any registered errors. Does anyone know what could be the reason this time? And what could be the cost of repair?
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    And the voltage in the system during operation?
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    Hello, and how do I have exactly the same idea, a solution?
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    I have a similar problem - has it been solved?
    For some time, the ABS and manual (red exclamation mark) lights up after a short driving time, although the manual is lowered.
    After switching off the engine, the light turns off, but after driving a certain distance - they turn on again.
    I don't know what this has to do with it - when the indicator appears, the airflow turns off for a dozen or so seconds. When the lights are on - from time to time the airflow turns off by itself and restarts after a while.

    Anyone know what this could be?
    Initial review, cleaning the contacts, etc. did not bring the expected results (improvement).
    Rav4 2002 (II).
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    Welcome. I am new to the forum and found myself on it due to a problem described on the Toyota Rav4. I have the same problem with the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser 150. The problem is identical in symptoms, and the service does not see anything in the diagnosis. In addition, there is sometimes a problem with opening the car - despite new batteries in the remote control. Characteristically - my problem only occurs in winter - in summer there have never been problems. Has any of the users found an effective solution in their car?
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    Hmm mi the Corolla 2019 believed when the 12v starter battery (not traction) was discharged. This fits your description, because in winter the battery has a lower voltage / capacity. You probably have a battery to replace. If necessary, recharge it in winter, you will see if the problem disappears.
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    Hello, has anyone solved this problem? I have a similar fault, best regards