Best Satellite Tuner for CCCAM: VU+ UNO 4K SE, DVB-T, HDD Compatible & Streaming Features

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    I want to buy a satellite tuner that meets the following requirements
    1. A CCCAM operating with Ali ...
    2. It does not have to be 4k but as the decoder will be much faster it can be.
    3. Recording 2 simultaneous programs and one for viewing.
    4. Streaming 2 independent programs on the LAN.
    It would be nice if it was a DVB-T.
    6. Optionally, the option of installing a PPTP VPN server.
    7. The ability to mount the hdd disk inside

    I have a satellite dish in the block. One cable released into the apartment. I do not know the technical details of connecting the antenna.
    A) What is the matter of connecting a wire to several heads? Need to separate the signal and connect each of the heads independently?
    B) Can you run the tuner remotely via VPN and run program transmissions?

    I was wondering about the model VU + UNO 4K SE has a Dual FBC head supposedly can be run several recordings simultaneously only if it will work without problems CCCAM?
    Or maybe something else or cheaper without 4k you recommend?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    mgrlukasz wrote:

    I have a satellite dish in the block. One cable released into the apartment.

    And forget about recording and watching at the same time.
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    I am supposed to have a UNICABLE II system block in the collecting antenna.

    What tuner you recommend with linux for the above requirements. ?
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