SAT tuner on linux - What satellite tuner to buy on linux?

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    I currently have an OPTICUM 9500 HD tuner. Unfortunately, it often hangs and when you try to load more addons, its work efficiency drops to 0. The tuner works on the ENIGMA2 software.
    I am looking to buy a tuner also based on Linux and ENIGMA2 software. With the difference that the above-mentioned problems did not occur, and moreover, to make better use of it. Future purchase. I am asking for information in this topic. What tuner would you buy for yourself?
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    Hello, I would recommend this DREAMBOX 900
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    Provide a budget, the price range of this type of equipment is huge.
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    Max up to PLN 1500 gross. Unless the functionality of the equipment will be worth more than 200-300 PLN. The equipment is to be good, to fulfill its task. I do not need miracles, i.e. additional color displays on the tuner that I will not use.
    Budget budget but the question is what equipment to buy to be satisfied. It's about to walk everything ;-) No exaggeration. If there is a tuner that can handle everything for 1000 PLN, it will be ok. I am asking for examples of solutions.
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    So write what you expect, what is "going to walk"?
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    WiFi, 4K, Hard drive, Powerful processor + RAM memory

    He has to walk on it:
    - ENIGMA2, the latest plugins, skins, streaming, 3D movies, www,

    What will you say about the tuner: VU + SOLO 4K UHD TRIPLE TUNER PVR ???
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    Solo4K or quite rich Ultimo4K
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    I have vu solo4k ? very happy to recommend
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    Offer in the UK for 4k tuners (for interesting ones, for example priced), from the bottom shelf price link
    Vu + Solo 4K Ultra High Definition Twin PVR Linux Tuner
    RRP: ? 399.95 (* was)
    Your Price: ? 348.95
    (You save ? 51.00)

    e.g. (alza.co.uk) is already ? 293.90

    Forum about (Vu + solo) link