Linux Installation on Kiano Slimnote 14.1 Laptop: Success Stories & Tips?

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    Hello. Have any of you managed to install linux on your Kiano Slimnote 14.1 laptop? I would love to have Linux on my Slimnote.
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    dedito wrote:

    I am not very satisfied with that answer. I want to know if there is anyone here who has managed to install linux on this laptop and the laptop is running with this linux.

    Added after 6 [minutes]:

    I'd like to install one of these linux distributions:

    Puppy Linux
    Linpus Linux
    Linux XP
    Deepin Linux
    Zorin OS
    Gentoo Linux
    Blue Star Linux
    Dream Linux
    Vector Linux
    Chromium OS Vanilla
    Slackware Linux
    Linux Mandriva
    Fedora Linux
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    i installed linux via ventoy. Linux based on debian q40s
    here are the guides
    but only such linux I was able to install because other distributions supposedly compatible with slimnot 14.1 have a problem and crash at the end of the installation
    I am also looking for guides and I ask people on the Internet if they succeeded and how they did it and if they would say how to do it, but no one wrote back to me
    so I don't know much myself, but I hope that at least I helped a little