Huawei b525 which antenna to connect

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    Yesterday I purchased the huawei b525 modem for the Play card and after the tests I get the best speeds with the 1800 + 2600 aggregation, i.e. around 50 Mbps. I do not know if it makes sense to invest in an external antenna. My location is D±brówka Warszawska near Radom
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    Insert screen from LTEWatch or Huawei Manager.
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    Huawei b525 which antenna to connect Huawei b525 which antenna to connect

    Added after 11 [minutes]:

    There are some aggregation breaks and such unstable ones
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    A session of 12 hours is conscious switching on / off of the equipment? Is unplanned disconnection?

    Is this measurement with the router outside, i.e. window sill, balcony, etc.?

    What distance separates you from the chimney of the heat and power plant at Żelazna? And do you see him well?

    Because with the station located there you connect (last screen).
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    Modem in the window and speedtest from yesterday and screen from hmenagera from today. I do not see Bts from iron quite a large section. There is Bts in the village of Wierzbica this is closer and to this bts in Wierzbica goes radiolini with iron according to uke
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    Connection to LTE2600 as a basic band from the heat plant chimney at Żelazna, during aggregation probably with LTE1800. LTE + aggregation is shown only when the connection is active. Speeds good for such poor signal parameters, UL from here so low. You need an external antenna working in the 1800-2600MHz band. You set up for Zelazna, Wierzbica and Krogulcza Sucha one by one, enforce LTE2600, LTE1800 and LTE2100 bands and LTE2600 + 1800 aggregation using HManager and choose BTS and bandwidth to give the best speed. in Play, the optimal offer is an RBM card for the 5 card from the RWK and the Free Internet LTE service with no limit on it. The cost of 5-15 PLN per month.
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    I am surprised that the iron belt stretches 2600 because it is almost 10 kilometers and not from the willow, where it is about 5 kilometers to me. I think that antenna 1800-2600 will be enough. Do you recommend any? As for the service, I have an additional internet card in a package with 4 sims for phones, so I want to use it for this purpose. Thank you very much for your help.
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    This comparison is not reliable. The antenna from cybertech works in the 1800 range and the guest tests it at 800 and 2600. The second case is there are 2 pieces atk 504.

    Added after 3 [hours] 8 [minutes]:

    In technical terms. There are two options. The first one is connecting the external antenna (I do not know yet what) on the antenna wire about 2 meters and then the twisted pair router to the router about 10 meters.
    Is the second version of 10 meters of a good antenna cable without installing the router. I mean a wifi point at the optimal point of the house. Please help me with this topic
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    Two pieces, because one is responsible for horizontal polarization and the other is vertical. It's MiMo, so you have to buy two ATK antennas.
    Cybertech closes both polarities in one housing.
    You question the test, so buy the antenna you are linking to and test it. What's the problem?
    WiFi is available for you at Access Point later. Certainly it would be better to put the router under the roof and use five meters of cable than ten.
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    I'll do tests and I'll just add that in the cybertech antenna they give the H155 cable to the LMR240. Would it be better, for example, H1000 to 2600?
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    I would subclass the table, but it's no name, so it does not make sense to put in Belden or Times Microwave documents.
    A colleague in one of the threads proved that on the wire for 14 PLN / meter on 2600 MHz he gained 1 dB compared to H155.
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    Update after purchase and installation of the antenna.
    Antenna from cybertech 1800-2600 + 10 meters of H155 cable Huawei b525 which antenna to connect Huawei b525 which antenna to connect
    Speed test after wi-fi around 15.00 and tests on the cable give results from 90 Mbps to 120 Mbps even in the evening.
    I will add that bts is about 10 km away. I also honestly recommend the antenna and the huawei B525 router.