Transferring files between computers via wifi?

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    Hello, I have two computers. One on windows 7, the other on windows 10. I would like to know if it would be possible to transfer files between one and the other through wifi?

    Well, the situation looks like that I have a router that is connected to a USB computer with windows 7, while the one with 10 connects to this router via wifi. Is it possible to transfer files between them in this way?
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    Router connected via USB? Or maybe LAN? If these computers are on the same subnet, there is no problem. You create folders on one and the other, turn on sharing, specify what users you already have. Then from computer x you open and enter \\ computer name Y \ name of the shared folder
    You can also specify ip instead of the name
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    Yes to usb - I have a Huawei E5573 router. But you also have a second router that I can connect on computer A via ethernet cable, and on computer B via Wifi. Could you explain more exactly how to check this subnet? Because I do not cover it so much, and where to create these folders anywhere?
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    Enter the ipconfig command in both commands and enter the command result here.
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    If you connect both computers to this router, they are in one subnet and you simply share the folders as above.