Install Full Ubuntu on USB for Booting from BIOS: Possible? (External HDD/Pendrive)

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    I need to upload the ubuntu system to an external HDD or pendrive so as to transfer it from computer to computer and boot it from the boot menu in the bios. Personally, I only got to create a USB boot, which starts the ubuntu installation wizard with the "install" and "try" options, but the try option is unfavorable, because after each shutdown you have to start everything again and install, I did not move, because I do not want damage the system on the computer.

    I have a question. Is it possible to install full ubuntu on USB and boot from BIOS? All attempts with virtual machines do not work (portable virtualbox crashes error kernel).

    I ask for advice
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    I think it should work. During installation, we choose our flash drive as the disk and later on booting set the USB boot.
    The problem may appear with different hardware configuration of computers, drivers may be missing, or incorrect loading.
    I have never done such a combination, but it should not be a problem.
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    Can another patent be made? I want to start ubuntu somehow on a business bench without rebooting. So the solution as on virtualbox. (windows booted locally on usb ubuntu). The fact that the installation is known to me is blocked. Is there a patent for this?
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    To create a virtual environment, you must be able to install software. It would be optimal to actually start with a USB stick.
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    I will try to install the portable version on the USB stick. In this case, the level of permissions should be sufficient. Of course, the system file is also on a USB stick. Will see if it works :-)