- Passat b6 2.0 170km 2007 indicators and message are lit.

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    Hello. I have a problem with the passat b6 2.0 tdi 170km 2007 namely: glow plugs and engine lights are lit and the message Engine Fault Workshop is showing! The glow plug indicator goes out with the message when moving off but appears when driving for a moment and disappears again, accompanied by a sound signal and how would the car lose power. Engine indicator light stays on. Pump injection exchanged in 2013 on the website. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    The indicator light (engine) e.g. in Peugeot 1.6 hdi causes a slightly different engine operation. Fault in my case regarding the EGR valve: disturbed combustion, not enough air or a lot of fuel. If cleaning the electrically-controlled EGR does not help, then the exchange awaits me, of course, as in 308 it is terrible access. I add that the indicator itself went out and turned on, and the display showed an English message and a sound signal.
    In your case, the first fault may also apply to EGR. The glow plug control on VW cars is usually multifunctional and can signal one of several faults, so it's best to get help from someone who has a computer with the right program.
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    EGR can be cleaned by yourself?
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    First, start with diagnostics using a diagnostic computer. This indicator can light up for many reasons. Do not undress or replace anything in the dark because you can only do unnecessary work and unnecessary costs.
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    The error code table for this engine is one hundred items. Each error lights up the MIL. So giving opinions that it's egr or Turbo or other trouble is shooting in the dark. Connect the interface and you'll know a lot