[Solved] Amica ZIM 629E - does not collect water

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    I have a dishwasher Amica ZIM 629E, which I use for 2 and a half years. Today there was an unexpected problem, I started the machine, the dishwasher grunted but did not move and threw out the message that there is a problem with the water intake. I have followed the threads in the forum and probably solenoid valve, or AquaStop, is to blame. I am not a professional, rather an amateur, hence my question to you, can I check if it is a solenoid valve at home? And the second question is, if I bought this part, is its replacement a big problem for a layman so that I don't get together more?

    Thanks for the help
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    Amica ZIM 629E - does not collect water
    Check the water supply and, secondly, do a hard reset. :arrow: AQUASTOP (The Aqua Stop system prevents damage to the water supply hose. Do not immerse the system valve housing in water; it contains electrical components. In the event of damage, pull out the plug from the power socket.
    Do not shorten or extend the hose insert as it contains cables and electrical components).
    You should not have problems with the exchange.
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    Great, I will do it, maybe you recommend a home appliances store?
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    I won't recommend any to you because I live abroad, someone else must recommend it to you.
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    Solenoid valve replaced. It turned out that the circulation pump also fell apart, and yet it is amazing for equipment that is 2.5 years old :D