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[Solved] Philips 32PHH4100 / 88 - CI Plus Key Fail ...

zebro 19842 5
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    due to the damage in this TV motherboard 715G6947-M01-000-004Y (boiling processor) I mounted it main from TV 40PFH4291 / 88 with the same designation. Tv got up but with an image reversed by 180 degrees and mixed up colors. It was not helpful to enter the old Display code 002 and many other from the 4 series mentioned in the service and other code from other series. (My TPT315B5-DXJSFE matrix)
    In SDM mode, only an empty frame appeared without a menu, which made it impossible to make any changes.
    In desperation, I changed the nand from the old main. The correct image has appeared, but after a dozen or so seconds a red "CI Plus Key Fail." Appears in the upper part of the matrix. The factory settings also do not add anything.
    and what's weird in SDM is now an empty frame with no menu, just a string of digits 080087.
    Reading the information on this topic in the forum, in addition to the main exchange, no other effective advice I really found.
    I am asking for any advice on this matter.
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    Procedure: Read nand, modificed nand, write nand.
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    Service technician RTV
    The old chassis was said for posterity
    Important :
    When the NAND-Flash must be replaced, a new SSB must be ordered, due to the presence of security keys! (CI +, MAC address, ...).

    Jak jest w nowe chassis (TPM ...) / or the 4000 series ?????
    Philips 32PHH4100 / 88 - Main AV - 715G6947-M01-000-004K
    - link
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    I have already understood, the panacea for the elimination of this message will be the assembly of NAND memory with a dedicated charge, respectively. On a well-known website, they sell such a bone for 70 PLN, it is only necessary to provide a tv model and matrix code.
    I will buy and exchange it after the exchange.
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    exchange of nand memory restored the correct work of the TV.