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[Solved] Kiano Slimnote 14.1 - Installing Windows 10 x64

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    I have the invention of Kiano Slimnote 14.1 on which someone installed Windows 10 32 bit. I want to return to 64bit, but of course everything goes uphill. Factory reset does not work (from both the system and recovery disk). Data on recovery partitions has not been deleted, but the system cannot use them. I downloaded W10 x32 and it installed without a problem, but when I try to install W10 x64 I get a message about the incompatibility of the processor with x64 architecture
    Kiano Slimnote 14.1 - Installing Windows 10 x64
    Intel Atom Z3735F 64 bit processor
    Kiano Slimnote 14.1 - Installing Windows 10 x64 Kiano Slimnote 14.1 - Installing Windows 10 x64
    How can you force this invention to install a 64 bit system. Maybe there is a way to install what is on the recovery partition (size about 1GB).
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    Contact someone from Kiano.
    It is possible that it is a specially prepared system for such inefficient laptops with an atom.
    A better choice would be windows 7 64 bit
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    For posterity.

    I contacted Kiano service and found out that W10 x64 was installed on this invention, but dedicated to it. They don't share the image, but they have a reinstall system service. I stayed with the 32bit version.