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The laptop does not detect the WiFi adapter

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    Hello, I am asking for help.

    I have a problem with my WiFi card.

    Yesterday, the internet worked on the laptop, but at one point connectivity was limited. So I decided to disconnect and reconnect, unfortunately after this action the computer did not search for any networks. I tried to fix it somehow, looked for drivers, installed them, restarted the laptop, disconnected the card and reconnected it, updating literally all possible drivers in the laptop - still nothing worked. I have no ideas what could fix my problem.

    Activities I did:

    1. I checked in the device manager whether he could see the card at all - he could see it, but it was hidden.
    2. I restarted my computer.
    3. I have checked the device manager again - still the same.
    4. I tried all the steps with ipconfig.
    5. I uninstalled the card's drivers and then restarted the computer.
    6. The card disappeared from the manager at all.
    7. I turned off my computer and put it off until the next day.
    8. The next day after the first start-up, it started working again, but after 10 minutes communication was limited again.
    9. I disconnected and wanted to reconnect to the network - again the same problem.
    10. The situation is the same as in points 1-6.
    11. I have installed all possible drivers for my laptop.
    12. I still haven't solved the problem

    Laptop - Compaq CQ58
    Card - Ralink RT3290

    I would like to ask for quick help, I need the internet in my laptop and it is impossible to connect to the router via cable.
    If you need any screenshots etc. I can attach them.
    Thank you very much in advance.
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    Hello. What system do you have on this HP Compaq Presario CQ58-148SG?
  • Level 2  
    Windows 8.1 64bit, I was thinking about reinstalling on 7 or 10. That wouldn't be a problem.
  • Level 2  
    I tried everything possible on this topic, some links do not work. Unfortunately, still nothing.
  • Level 43  
    Originally it was Win 7 Home 64bit. Why did you switch to Win 8.1?
  • Level 23  
    download and uruhcom linux live from usb.
    Does linux detect WIFI card?

    under linux, run a terminal and type

    what does it show?
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    It's my girlfriend's laptop, with a Windows 8 sticker on the bottom, bought from a store with Windows 8.1 installed

    @myszkoscielna , I will download and throw the screen.

    @myszkoscielna Unfortunately I can't deal with this linux to usb.
  • Level 23  
    linuxlive - no thinking you just need to create a bootable USB from an ISO file (use e.g. rufus.exe) did you do that? comp starts from USB?