Huawei p8 lite - The phone will not start

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    Hello. I have a problem starting Huawei p8 lite. Yesterday I turned on Android updates and the phone turned off. Now it won't turn on. When he tries to start it, it vibrates, the company logo appears and goes out. The navigation keys do not work in any way. You can't do a hard reset or enter anything. When connected to a computer, it neither detects it nor starts.
    Can anyone tell me what s such a case can be done? I will not give it to the service because there is no warranty. I do not hide that hard reset would prefer not to have everything that is on the phone in the sense of applications and multimedia. Is there any hope? Thank you in advance for your help.
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    You need to check the battery voltage, if it is correct then try to upload new firmware. Without a visit to the site you can't do it. As for the data, you can order their recovery but you have to take into account the costs.
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    Change the charger, change the cable, the upgrade process is power-consuming, your phone may have been discharged and the cable / charger you have is not working properly. Part of the data may have synchronized with a google account, or some copy was on the memory card if it was.
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    The update should be prepared, i.e. a minimum of 2GB of free space on the phone's internal memory, an additional battery charged to a minimum of 50%, if the update is downloaded and starts installing after restarting, it can restart itself if it hangs on the manufacturer's logo for a long time, the phone is probably waiting for it to charge to 50% if despite charging it still does not start, enter recovery mode and perform only wipe cache and reboot. I also had a problem with it, the phone became very silent after cleaning from unnecessary applications after proper update, so far it works smoothly.
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    Hello. I have the same problem, the phone turned off and when I connected it to charging, the huwawei logo flashes and lightly vibrates and turns on and after a while the same. There are no buttons or a connection to the computer, you have any ideas what to do here. Thank you in advance for your answer
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    KRY5PIN wrote:
    Did you follow the steps above ??

    Unfortunately, I can do nothing, the display with the manufacturer's logo flashes and the hard reset buttons do not respond
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    And you checked the voltage on the battery ??