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Passat B6 - does not close the trunk lid and do not work wipers + spray

Tomaszo22 5367 6
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    Hello, today the trunk lid in my belt has stopped closing, it does not latch at all, and the wipers do not work, so I would like to ask if someone has encountered a similar problem and give me an idea for repair
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    Admin of Cars group
    Grommet to check if the wires are cracked.
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    I have just disassembled the lock, there is a tin spring in the motor that drives the motor, it is cracked, I think that it does not bounce and the lock is open all the time
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    As for the wipers:
    - blown fuse
    - seized motor
    - rotten cables

    Most often it was the motors that blurred, because the aluminum oxidizes and tarnishes, after dismantling, cleaning and lubricating, they should run like new.
    As for the washer, check the motor, it may walk, but not generate pressure to deliver the liquid, it may also not walk at all, possibly a broken hose, or clogged tips (those on the hood through which liquid is flowing onto the windshield)
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    Hello. Have you solved the problem because I have the same and I'm looking for the cause?
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    You solved the case of the lock in an exemplary manner, you will repair it, buy a stimulant or a new one and the problem is gone.
    As for the wipers, check the fuses, the hood must be closed (the light on the board is off), see if there is 12 V to the wiper motor, and it is best to diagnose this VCDS and everything will be clear.
    The question is - do you have xenon, if so, original or added.
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    If the hatch is not closed, the wiper does not work.