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Lexia diagbox - VCI is not connected

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    I bought a Lexia interface from a Chinese man
    General problem: in diagbox, the message "VCI is not connected" after selecting any car

    tested on 2 laptops - windows 7 32bit and windows 7 64bit
    DB version 7.02, and probably 7.86 from Mr. Chinese
    Generally, when connecting the interface to usb, the diode will flash a few times, and then it will light up steadily. In the device manager, the interface detects correctly (Actia USB devices> USB COM board Evolution Driver (UMDF)
    When trying to connect the interface to the car the same effect. Also, you can't hear any relays ticking, etc. Tested on the Peugeot 308SW hdi and Citroen C3 benz. I tried various combinations and orders, with the key in the pre-ignition position, with the car fired, connecting the interface and firing the DB, and connecting it to the already running DB.

    I disassembled the interface, I can't see any damage or cold solder

    The interface checker detects lexia correctly as version 4.3.0 921815C

    Something wrong with the diagbox, is it interface fault? Can it be repaired somehow?
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    Admin of Cars group
    From what I know, this equipment is only for win.XP.
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    Hello, I had a similar problem interface purchased from our colleagues who have everything for about 30 USD did not connect to my C5 2007, although the seller guaranteed that everything must be OK
    After dismantling the housing. It turns out that I had an interface in LITE version without CAN bus support (inside there was only one white optoisolation system).
    On Aliku I bought 9817A-2 (PS9817A-2) thinking that after soldering the pezegada interface with the car. Unfortunately not.
    The solution was (proverb who buys cheaply buys twice) buying a decent interface for 56 USD Lexia diagbox - VCI is not connected
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    That's a curiosity. Diagbox 7.02 and 7.86, from 2 different sources. Both tested on different laptops, with win xp, win 7 32bit, win 7 64 bit, not working anywhere
    I downloaded PP2000, put XP on a virtual machine, it flashes like this doll
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    Personally, I have Diag placed on a separate removable disk.
    I installed the program on a clean XP without pre-loaded drivers for network card and WiFi card and without any anti-virus.
    If necessary, I replace the disk in the lap and it's OK.
    Laptop - old DELL Latitude D830
    It worked ok on Win 7, but after a few months Diag refused to cooperate.

    Currently, I have this cheaper interface in the litte version for resale, and I have a PCB (with an optoisolator added) and a board with relays - the same interface without a housing.
    This is the result of a long dispute with the seller at our majfrends in the middle country
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    1. Diagbox works on any Windows, I have it at home on win10 64bit, diagbox version 7.44

    2. If you have the message VCI is not connected then:
    If you have such a message + drawn car = connect the interface to the car's ODB socket
    However, if you only have this inscription in the middle of the screen, you need to replace the interface firmware with another, preferably newer one. You can do it with the PSA interface checker ... you can find it easily on the net.
    For my part, I recommend the Diagbox version from scarymistake and max to 7.44 or 7.58 unless you have a car from 2020. Scarymistake adds all the necessary files and firmware in the installation package. Good luck :)